What's the difference between an Option and an Option Set?


Product Options provides you with the ability to offer your customers additional choices on a specific product. These choices present themselves as radio buttons, checkbox selections, text input fields, etc. and allow your customers to further customize your products.

When creating these options, you'll notice that you create them as an option set:

Create Option Set

Option sets are a group of option choices that relate to a specific product or a group of products.

For example: Your customers can select from a group of color swatches, add personalized text, and upgrade to a premium version of Products A, B, and C.

You would create the color swatches, personalized text, and premium choice as a single option set:

Option Set Example

Options are the choices that your customers are able to make on a specific product.

For example: The selection of color swatches, the ability to add personalized text, and the upgrade to a premium version are all options on a product.

This is how your options look within an option set:

Options Example


  • Options can be rearranged and sorted into whichever order you wish. Option sets cannot be rearranged.
  • We strongly recommend applying only one option set to a product. Applying multiple option sets to an item can cause issues with how they show up on the product page.

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