Install Bold Brain

Bold Brain is an intelligent eCommerce app that uses machine learning to determine relationships between your site's products. These relationships can then be used to offer smarter cross-sell offers to your customers.

Note: Brain requires Bold Upsell to offer these recommendations to your customers. Visit Install Bold Upsell for more information on how to install this app on your site.

To install Brain, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Bold Brain page.
  2. Select Install App.

    Select Install App

  3. Select Choose Your eCommerce Platform.

    Select Choose Your eCommerce Platform

  4. Select BigCommerce.

    Select BigCommerce

  5. Enter your .mybigcommerce URL.

    Enter Your .mybigcommerce URL

  6. Select Install App.

    Note: You will be redirected to your BigCommerce admin.

    Select Install App

  7. Select Install.

    Select Install

  8. Select the checkbox on the PCI compliance page.

    Select PCI Compliance

  9. Select Confirm to accept the app's permissions.

    Select Confirm

  10. Select Accept on the "Terms & Conditions" page.

    Select Accept

That's it!

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