Multi-Currency & Net Terms Integration



This integration requires that Multi-Currency and Bold Cashier are set up and enabled on your store. Your payment gateways must also be set up to accept any additional foreign currencies. Please visit Multi-Currency & Cashier Integration for more information on how to properly enable this integration.

Bold Net Terms is integrated with Multi-Currency to provide you with the ability to receive term payments in foreign currencies.

You're able to specific which terms your customer qualifies for, what their credit limit is, and which currency they will make payments in.

To integrate Multi-Currency and Net Terms, please follow these steps:

  1. Add a Currency in Multi-Currency.

    Note: Each currency you want to offer term payments with should be added to Multi-Currency before proceeding.

  2. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  3. Select Bold Net Terms.

    Select Bold Net Terms

  4. Select Customers.

    Select Customers

  5. Select Edit Customer beside the customer you want to assign payment terms.

    Note: You can search for a specific customer using the search bar and filters.

    Select Edit Customer

  6. Select Payment Info.

    Select Payment Info

  7. Under "Payment Terms", select the payment terms.

    Note: You're also able to attach a credit card to your customer's account using the "New Credit Card" button.

    Select Payment Terms

  8. Enter a Credit Limit.

    Note: This is how much money your customer is able to place on their account before requiring a payment from them.

    Enter Credit Limit

  9. Select the account's currency.

    Note: This is the currency your customer will make payments in. You may need to adjust their credit limit depending on the currency selected here. If Multi-Currency is not installed, only the store's default currency will display here. As well, once a currency is set on a customer's account, it cannot be changed.

    Select Currency

  10. Select Save Changes.

    Select Save Changes

That's it!

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