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Regulations that have come into effect in Europe, as of September 14th, 2019, require some merchants to use Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for their online transactions.

Strong Customer Authentication is a requirement included in the Second Payment Services Directive (PDS2), which is a new European regulatory requirement. 

This implementation will be delayed for several countries. Please visit Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Enforcement Date (links to Stripe) for more information on when and where this will be implemented.

Client Impact

If all of the following are true, Strong Customer Authentication regulations apply to your business:

  1. Your business uses a bank account in the European Economic Area (EEA). This includes all countries in the European Union plus Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.
  2. You sell to customers with bank accounts in the European Economic Area.
  3. You accept payments from credit or debit cards.

Strong Customer Authentication must be used for any transactions that involve money moving between bank accounts within the European Economic Area. 

Actions Required

Your payment gateway provider may require that you enable Strong Customer Authentication on their end. Please contact your respective gateway provider for more information on how to enable this if necessary.

Bold will be working with a few payment gateway providers to implement Strong Customer Authentication automatically. Once implemented, this will prompt customers for additional authentication if it's required.

Please contact our Merchant Success team if you are affected by Strong Customer Authentication and are using a gateway that has not had this implemented yet.

Customer Requirements

If the Strong Customer Authentication requirements apply to you, your customers may need to authorize their payments. Your customers' bank will determine how this will be completed.

Please contact our Merchant Success team if you have any further questions regarding this implementation.

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