Create a Sale with Bold Discounts


Bold Discounts allows you to create sales on your site using a specific list of products.

You can discount the items by a percentage or amount off, or by setting a fixed price for each product.

To create a sale with Discounts, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Discounts.

    Select Bold Discounts

  3. Select Create Discount.

    Select Create Discount

  4. Enter a Discount group name

    Note: This name will only be shown to you within Discounts' admin.

    Enter Discount Name

  5. Choose Select products.

    Note: You can also choose Select your entire store if you want to place all your products on sale.

    Choose Select Products

  6. Select your desired products

    Note: You can also pick a specific list of products by selecting the search bar. A dropdown of selection options will appear. You're also able to choose individual variants to use in your sales by selecting the variant counter underneath the product name.

    Select Products

  7. Select Confirm.

    Select Confirm

  8. Under "Discount", select the plus icon.

    Select Discount Plus Icon

  9. Enter your discount amount.

    Enter Discount Amount

  10. Select the discount type

    Note: "Percent off (%)" will apply whatever number you specified in the previous step as a percentage discount on your selected products. "Fixed Price ($)" will set the price of every item to the number previously specified. "Amount off ($)" will discount these products by the dollar amount specified.

    Select Discount Type

  11. Under "Cents Override", select the plus icon (optional).

    Select Cents Override Plus Icon

  12. Enter your cents amount.

    Enter Override Cents Amount

  13. Under "Time Frame", select the plus icon (optional).

    Select Time Frame Plus Icon

  14. Select Set the start date and time for this group discount (optional).

    Note: You can set a start or an end date without having to set the other.

    Select Set Start Date

  15. Select your start time and date.

    Select Start Date

  16. Select Set the end date and time for this group discount (optional).

    Select Set End Date

  17. Select your end time and date.

    Select End Date

  18. Under "Additional Options", select the plus icon (optional).

    Select Sales Text Plus Icon

  19. Enter a message that you want to display to your customers on sale items. 

    Note: This box can accept most HTML styling. Visit W3 Schools - HTML for more information on how to use HTML.

    Enter Sales Text

  20. Select Save.

    Select Save

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