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The Klaviyo integration with Bold Cashier gives you more flexibility with your abandoned carts, allowing you to set up email flows with different notifications.

Klaviyo is a powerful marketing tool that can send emails to your customers based on specific criteria. You can view certain metrics that your customers hit, and automate an email flow based on those metrics.

To set up Klaviyo and Cashier, please follow these steps:

This integration requires a Klaviyo account in order to generate the emails that are sent to your customers. Please visit Klaviyo's website for more information on how to sign up for an account.

The following apps may change or affect information that is sent through Klaviyo:

  • Bold Subscriptions: If a subscription product is an abandoned cart, it will keep its subscription information if the customer chooses to resume their checkout.
  • Multi-Currency: If a customer abandons their cart in a foreign currency, the currency that the customer selected will be the one the checkout will be using when they resume their session.
  • Custom Pricing: The customer must be logged in to go to their checkout session. Their discounted pricing will then display in the checkout.
  • Product Upsell: If their cart meets the requirements for an After Checkout offer, Upsell will display that offer to the customer.
  • Loyalty Points: The customer will be logged in, and if they have points, they will be able to use them to check out.

This integration uses the "Merchant Scripts" feature within Cashier to pass information between our app and Klaviyo.

To enable Merchant Scripts in Cashier, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.


  2. Select Bold Cashier.


  3. Select Marketplace.


  4. Select Install on the "Merchant Scripts" option.


  5. Select Allow.


In order to send information from Cashier to Klaviyo, you'll need to copy over your API key from inside your Klaviyo admin.

To locate and copy your API key, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Klaviyo's login page.
  2. Enter your account information and select Log in.


  3. Select the account icon in the top right corner.


  4. Select Account.


  5. Select Settings, then API Keys.


  6. Copy and paste your public API key into a notepad or similar software.


The API key you copied from Klaviyo now needs to be placed within Cashier's admin.

To paste your API key into Cashier, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate back to Cashier's admin and select Marketplace.


  2. Select Configure on the "Merchant Scripts" option.


  3. Copy and paste the following code into the "Cashier Startup Script": cashier_startup.html


  4. Replace "*YOUR COMPANY ID*" with your copied API key.

    Note: Make sure there is no space between the equal sign and your API key.


  5. Enable the Embed startup script option.


  6. Copy and paste the following code into the "Order Completed Script": cashier_klaviyo_order_complete.html


  7. Replace "*YOUR COMPANY ID*" with your copied API key.

    Note: Make sure there is no space between the equal sign and your API key.


  8. Enable the Embed order complete script option.


  9. Select Save.


The two metrics that Cashier tracks are Started Checkout (when the customer has entered their email address) and Order Completed (when the customer has completed their checkout process).

Note: When setting up your email flows, we recommend that you do not use Shopify's metrics to create your abandoned cart flow. This can cause issues with how and when these notifications are sent to your customers. We strongly recommend that you use the "Started Checkout" and "Order Completed" metrics.

To set up your email flows in Klaviyo, please follow these steps:

  1. Select Flows.


  2. Select Create FlowSelect_Create_Flow.png
  3. Create your abandoned cart flow.

    Note: Please visit Create a Flow on Klaviyo's help centre for more information on how to setup an email flow.


A resume checkout button allows your customers to go back to the checkout with their previous cart information.

The button also saves any properties that were applied to the cart (ex: if an integration changes the price, currency, or creates a subscription, the customer will still have those changes).

To add a resume checkout button to your Klaviyo emails, please follow these steps:

  1. From within Klaviyo's admin, select Flows.


  2. Select Abandoned Cart.


  3. Select the ellipsis on "Email 1".


  4. Select Edit.


  5. Select Edit Content.


  6. Select Return to your cart.

    Note: You can edit the "complete your purchase" hyperlink to navigate back to your customer's abandoned cart. Select complete your purchase and repeat Steps 9 - 10 to do so.


  7. Copy and paste the following code over top of the Link URL:
    {{ event.ResumeUrl }}


  8. Select Save.


  9. Select Save Content.


  • There is no way to show a product image within Klaviyo's email templates.
  • The prices are not currently displayed in a traditional pricing format. They will show as the cents value (ex: $200.00 will be 20000).
  • Klaviyo is only able to trigger emails for the following events:
    • Started Checkout - When the customer enters in their email address.
    • Order Completed - When the customer has completed the order.
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