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Bold Cashier can use Google Analytics to track your customer’s journey through your store. You can use it to understand where your customers may be dropping off and where you may need to make changes to improve conversion.

When Google Analytics is set up on Cashier and Shopify, it will track your customer's journey through your store to the checkout.

Cashier uses Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics. You can choose whether or not to use this feature with your Google Analytics integration, but it is suggested you do.

By default, Google Analytics will track:

  • Entering address
  • Entering payment information
  • Successful checkout

With Ecommerce Tracking, GA also tracks:

  • Shopify domain
  • Order number (Cashier's order number, not Shopify's)
  • Order total
  • Tax total
  • Shipping total
  • Product IDs, titles, quantities, prices and variant titles

Enhanced Ecommerce adds the ability to track funnels. You can also use the following three funnel steps to track the corresponding steps:

  • Enter shipping address
  • Enter payment information
  • Purchase complete
  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Cashier.

    Select Bold Cashier

  3. Select Settings, then Analytics.

    Select Settings/Analytics

  4. Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID.

    Enter Google Analytics ID

  5. Navigate to your Google Analytics Admin, select Admin, then Ecommerce Settings.

    Google Analytics Admin, Select Ecommerce Settings

  6. Turn on Enable Ecommerce.

    Enable Ecommerce

  7. Turn on Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting

    Enable Enhanced Ecommerce

  8. Choose Add Funnel Step (optional).

    Add Funnel Step

  9. Enter your label names (optional).

    Enter Label name


  10. Repeat Steps 8 - 9 for all 3 labels.

    Repeat Steps 8 - 9

  11. Select Save.

    Select Save

Using goals in Google Analytics allows you to measure how well your site is doing based on your target objectives.

Cashier tracks the different pages your customers land on and these are sent as "page views" to Google Analytics.

These are the pages that will send a "page view" event to Google Analytics:

  • "/customer_information"
  • "/shipping_method"
  • "/payment_method"
  • "/confirmation_page"

Note: Goals are not compatible with Cashier's one-page checkout, as the steps are based on page views.

Setting up Goals

  1. Navigate to your Google Analytics Admin, select Admin, then Goals.

    In Google Analytics admin select goals

  2. Select New Goal.

    New Goal

  3. Select Custom under Goal Setup. Then click Continue

    Choose custom under Goal Setup then click continue

  4. Under Goal Description, set a Name (this can be anything you choose). For Type, select Destination, then select Continue.

    Enter Goal Description, choose type Destination, select continue

  5. Under Goal Details, set the Destination as Regular expression and /confirmation.

    Set Destination as Regular expression and /confirmation

  6. Turn Funnels on, then set the funnel steps.

    Turn funnels on, set the funnel steps

    You can choose whatever names you want, and the funnel steps you want. Below are what we suggest for a basic funnel.

    Basic Funnal Setup

    Note: The Product and Cart steps come from Shopify.

  7. Select Save to save you Goal.

    Select Save

Here is the default script that we send for Google Analytics:

        ga('require', 'ec');

                ga('set', 'currencyCode', BOLD.order.currency);

                BOLD.order.line_items.forEach(item => {
                    ga('ec:addProduct', {
                        id: item.sku || null,
                        name: item.product_title,
                        variant: item.variant_title,
                        price: GoogleAnalytics.formatCurrency(item.price),
                        quantity: item.quantity,

                ga('ec:setAction', 'purchase', {
                    revenue: GoogleAnalytics.formatCurrency(,
                    shipping: GoogleAnalytics.formatCurrency(BOLD.order.total_shipping),
                    tax: GoogleAnalytics.formatCurrency(BOLD.order.total_tax),

                ga('send', 'event', 'Checkout', 'Successful Checkout');

Bold Cashier uses scripts to send page views and events to Google Analytics. If you believe that there are page views and events not being sent, there are tools available to help you troubleshoot.

Some reasons why your scripts may not be firing:

  • Google Analytics ID is wrong: Double check to make sure your Google Analytics ID is correct.
    • The format is generally UA-########-#, where ########-# is replaced by the number associated with your Properties and App.

      Google ID is associated with the Properties and App

    • There should be no whitespace before, after or within the ID.
  • Custom Tracking Scripts enabled: If the custom tracking scripts are enabled, but there's nothing in the field, the script that Cashier sends by default will be overwritten.
  • Incorrectly Formatted Code: The code you add to the custom tracking scripts cannot contain <script> tags, links to external javascript, or liquid code. See Limitations in Custom Scripts for more information.

If your customers are all showing as abandoning their checkout, here are some possible reasons why:

  • Correct Google Analytics ID: Check to make sure that the Google Analytics ID in Cashier is correct, and that there is no whitespace.
  • Matching Google Analytics ID: Check to make sure that the Google Analytics ID in Cashier matches the one set up in Shopify.

    Any events on your store up until the cart page are all sent by Shopify, so you will need to use the same Google Analytics ID to track the checkout from Shopify into Cashier.

    More information on Google Analytics and Shopify.

If you are looking to track any additional information, you will need to create a custom tracking script for Google Analytics.

To get more information on the limitations of custom scripts, or the variables you can use, check out Custom Tracking Scripts in Bold Cashier.

Setting Up Custom Tracking Scripts

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps from Shopify Admin

  2. Select Bold Cashier.

    Select Bold Cashier

  3. Select Settings, then Analytics.

    Select Settings/Analytics

  4. Select Enable Custom Tracking Scripts for Successful Purchases.

    Turn Custom Track Scripts on

  5. Enter your custom script.

    Enter your script

  6. Select Save.

    Click save

If you require additional assistance creating a custom track script, you can use StoreTasker to get a quote.

Next Steps:

Now that you have Google Analytics set up, check out how to set up Facebook Pixel, or learn more about Custom Tracking Scripts.

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