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We have decided to move Bold Discounts Version 2 into a BETA version. The app is still fully supported and working well for many users. However, we have become aware of a few issues that we felt indicated V2 should still be in BETA mode.

Potential Issues:

Here is a list of known issues to look for while testing your store to make the best decision on which Bold Discounts version to proceed with:

  • Slow product selector: For some stores, the selector may feel slow or even buggy. It is working, but not as quickly as expected. If you are using filters, please give the app 30 seconds or so to grab the selected products. While it may look like it’s not active, it is running. We’re working to release an update to make this faster and more clear soon.
  • New products, collections, vendors may not automatically sync: Some stores have found that when adding new products, collections, or vendors, the product selector is not finding them right away. This is due to a delayed syncing issue. If you are not seeing a product or collection, please contact our Merchant Success team and our team will run a manual sync for your store. Our goal is for this to be instantaneous, and for merchants to be able to request a manual sync in real-time within the app.

    Note: If you aren’t adding new products to your store this may not impact your site.

  • Compare at pricing may not display: Due to code differences in themes, some stores may not see compare at pricing display on the collection or product pages. If this is the case for your store, you can use sales icons and the sales text located on your ‘Create Discount’ page to apply a message - such as ‘Discount Applied’ - that indicates your item is on sale. If compare At pricing is very important for your store, we recommend installing Bold Discounts version 1.
  • Sale prices may not revert back to the original price (uncommon): In rare cases, some sales are having trouble reverting products back to their full price. We recommend testing your store during a low-traffic time, ahead of your scheduled sale, to confirm that prices are updating as intended. Testing will only take a few minutes.

Testing Your Store:

  • Export a new Product Export .CSV file under Products as a backup. 

    Note: We recommend exporting a backup of your product price list in the off-chance that something happens to the app's sales. This will allow you to quickly revert your product prices.

  • Within the app, start a storewide sale with a discount of $0.01 off. 

    Note: A $0.01 discount makes it easy to spot that your price is incorrect and the risk of losing money on sales is low.

  • Let the sale run for about 2-3 minutes. Your front end prices updates should be almost instant. The Shopify admin will update at a rate of roughly 1 product per second. Ex: A sale with 180 products in it should take about 3 minutes for the prices to change in your admin.
  • Stop the storewide sale. Wait 2-3 minutes for the admin to adjust back to the original price.
  • Review your products on your storefront or backend for items that are still showing a discount. To spot this quickly, you could also export a product file again and filter your price column to see if any prices end in the sale price (e.g. $24.49).
  • Once the sale ends, if you notice any products that did not return to the original price on your storefront, please contact our Merchant Success team. Our team can revert your Discounts version back to Version 1.
  • To correct your product pricing, re-import your product .CSV file.

We are working to resolve these known issues, but it is unlikely these fixes will make it into Version 2 before Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

If you are unsure about using the Discounts version that is installed on your store, we recommend using Bold Discounts V1. To do so, you can uninstall and reinstall Discounts from the Shopify App Store or please contact our Merchant Success team for further assistance.

Version 2 is now in BETA and will be available by request only. If you have any questions or concerns, our Merchant Success team is here to help.

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