Bold Discounts V2 Benefits & Upgrade



Bold Discounts has moved to a new version, which was also known as Discount Manager during the beta phase.

Discounts V2 offers improved performance in starting and ending your sales, customizable sales icons and clock types, along with the ability to apply discounts to individual variants.

However, there are several potential limitations to be aware of before proceeding with the upgrade process. Visit Bold Discounts Functionality FAQs (Limitations) to learn more about these limitations.

To upgrade to Discounts V2, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Bold Discounts.

    Select Bold Discounts

  3. Select Current Discounts.

    Select Current Discounts

  4. Select the toggle switch on any currently active sales. 

    Note: Your sales may take anywhere from a minute to several hours to deactivate, depending on the number of products in your discounts. Please wait until these sales are disabled before proceeding to the next step.

    Disable Active Sales

  5. Follow the steps in the Bold Discounts V1 Code Uninstall Instructions guide. 

    Note: This step is only required if you have the code for Discounts' duplicate & hide feature installed in your theme coding. Please proceed to the next step if you do not have this code installed.

    Follow Steps in Uninstall Guide

  6. Navigate to the Bold Discounts V2 Install page:

    Note: This URL must be edited to include your .myshopify URL. Ex: &

    Visit Install Page

  7. Select Install app.

    Select Install App

  8. Select Start free trial.

    Select Start Free Trial

  9. Follow the steps in the Bold Discounts Code Install Instructions guide. 

    Note: If you're not comfortable with Liquid coding, please visit Request a Bold Discounts Installation for more information on how to initiate an automatic install, or request assistance from our team.

    Follow Steps in Bold Discounts Install Guide

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