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This guide answers several common questions regarding creating offers with Bold Upsell.

Here are the questions that will be covered in this article:

  • Can I use hidden products in my offer?
  • Can I use Shopify gift cards in an offer?
  • What happens if the customer triggers more than one offer?
  • Is there any way someone can exploit the app and get the free items?

Note: If you have any other questions, please reach out to our Merchant Success team.

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No. Shopify does not allow products that have been hidden from a certain sales channel to be used at checkout.

Unfortunately, Shopify gift cards are a special type of product that can't be used as an offer or trigger item.

If the customer's cart triggers multiple offers, they will be combined into one pop-up.

If you toggle the "Allow customers to select more than one product in the offer" option, then customers can choose as many products in your offer as they'd like. By default, this is off.

Visit Advanced Options in Bold Upsell for more information.

Bold Upsell does checks to ensure that the user's cart qualifies for the offer before allowing customers to add a free product. However, it is not (and can never be) 100% foolproof due to the way Shopify accepts products and cart adjustments.

When creating an offer in Upsell, there is an option to remove any free items from the customer's cart when they no longer qualify under the offer's conditions.

Visit Advanced Options in Bold Upsell and What is the duplicate and hide feature? for more information on this functionality.

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