Identify Your Bold Bundles Version



Bold Bundles currently has 3 different versions of the app. Each version offers different discounting methods and additional features.

Version 1 offers the Variant Dependant Method of discounting with limited features compared to the newer versions of the app. 

Version 2 offers both the Variant Dependant Method and the Draft Orders Method. As well, you gain access to additional features such as statistics tracking for your groups and a new Bundles widget.

Version 3 uses the Accelerated Method. This works similar to the Draft Orders Method, but with faster storefront discounting and an integration with Bold Cashier.

Due to the various benefits and limitations that each of these versions provide, it's important to distinguish which version and discount method your site is using. This will help you determine if you may need to switch discounting methods or stick with your current version.

To identify which version of the app you're using, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.


  2. Select Product Bundles.


  3. The version number should be indicated near the bottom of the home page.


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