Error Messages in Store Locator


With Store Locator, there are 3 potential error messages that you may see. This could mean that a step was missed when Adding the Google Maps API's.

Please select the corresponding accordion below for more information on each error message, and how it can be fixed within your store:


If you receive the error message, "Error finding your address. Please review your criteria and try again" message, this generally means that there are missing APIs within your Google account.

The following APIs must be enabled in your Google account in order for Store Locator to work correctly on your site:

  • Maps Embed API
  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Maps SDK for Android
  • Maps SDK for iOS
  • Maps Static API
  • Street View Static API
  • Geocoding API
  • Geolocation API

These API's can be enabled within the API Picker.


This is an example of how the error message will appear on your storefront:

Store Locator Error Message

If you receive a "Google has disabled use of the Maps API..." message when you navigate to the Store Locator page, it's usually due to a problem setting up the API key.

One reason this could occur is that a website address is in the referrers section, this should be left blank. If there's a URL here, remove it and save, the Store Locator page should now work.

Edit Page

Another reason this message may be showing is "Google Maps JavaScript API v3" is not turned on. Select the status button to toggle it on; the Store Locator page will now work.

Select the status button

If you receive the message, "This page can't load Google Maps correctly" in Store Locator, it generally means that a billing method needs to be configured on your Google account.

To add a billing method to your Google account, please follow these steps:

To create a billing account, please follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console.
    2. Click the menu button and select Billing.

      Select menu button
    3. Set up your billing account.
      • If this is your first billing account, select Add billing account.

      • If you already have a billing account, select Manage billing accounts.

Note: For more information on how to verify your billing address, please visit our article on Adding Google Maps API to Store Locator.

  1. Select Create account, then follow the instructions to set up your next billing account.

This is an example of how the error message will appear on your storefront:

Error Message Example

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