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Sezzle is a service that allows your customers to split their payments into 4 interest free payments spread over 6 weeks. This integration allows you to offer payments through Sezzle on orders placed through Bold Cashier.

To set up Sezzle and Cashier, please follow these steps:

You will need to make sure you have a Sezzle Merchant Account. We suggest ensuring that the account is created before integrating with Cashier to ensure the set up process is seamless.

These are some of the limitations between Sezzle and other apps integrated with Cashier:

  • Bold Subscriptions: Sezzle is not compatible as a payment method for Subscriptions. When a subscription product is in your customer's checkout, the option to pay with Sezzle will not show up.
  • Bold Upsell: With Upsell After Checkout offers, the offered product will not be added to the order if the customer uses Sezzle as a payment method at checkout.

To set up Sezzle in Cashier, please follow these steps:

    1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.


    2. Select Bold Cashier.


    3. Select Marketplace.


    4. Select Install on the "Sezzle" option.


    5. If you have not yet created a Sezzle account, please enter your new account credentials

      Note: After you have created your account you will be redirected back to Cashier.


    6. Select Allow.


You will now see the Sezzle widget within your checkout page:


Please view the "Bold App Integrations" section to learn about some of the limitations between Sezzle and other Bold apps.

If you're experiencing any issues, or require additional assistance with setting up Sezzle's app, please contact their support team.

Next Steps:

  • Cashier offers several integrations with other apps to provide your customers with more flexibility in their checkout process. Please visit Cashier's Integrations section for more information.

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