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Shopify Render Tag Adjustments

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Shopify announced that they would be phasing out the include tag, in favor of a new tag called render. The main purpose for this change was to provide better performance and improve the readability of code within themes.

All theme and app developers were to be compliant with these adjustments by February 17th, 2020.

In some cases, our apps relied heavily on include tags to provide certain functionalities. We are working on updating our install instructions in anticipation of this update.

Each of the affected apps will have their instructions changed as we have updates to share.

Client Impact

Due to the way some of our apps interact with your theme, it is not possible to change their installations to work with a render tag. Render tags do not provide the same functionality as include tags, and some of our apps rely on these include tags to use their core functions.

The following apps, or app versions, will not work with a render tag theme:

Actions Required

If you currently have a working version of one of the above apps, we strongly recommend that you do not update your theme to the render tag version. This will cause the app to stop working correctly on your storefront.


If your theme contains render tags, and you attempt to run an automatic installation with one of the above apps, the installation will not work.

If you do want to update to the render version of your theme, it should be duplicated before performing any updates to it. This will allow you to revert these changes if it does cause issues with any of your currently installed apps.

Please contact our Customer Success team if you have any further questions regarding these changes.