Bulk Import and Export Stores


Store Locator allows you to do a bulk export (and import) of your stores using a CSV file.

Bulk exporting your stores will send a zipped CSV file to your email, which allows you to see everything formatted in a spreadsheet, and easily make bulk changes to your store (such as updating your store names).

Note: If you want to make bulk adjustments to other areas of your store, you just need to export your list, make the necessary changes, and then import the stores back into Store Locator.

To do a bulk import or export of your store list, please follow the steps in the corresponding accordion:

Exporting your stores creates a downloadable zip file of all your store information, and sends it to your desired email address.

  1. From within your Store Locator app, select Stores.
  2. Select Bulk Export.
  3. Select Override Email and enter in a different email address (optional).


  4. Select Export.
  1. From within your Store Locator app, select Stores.
  2. Select Bulk Import.
  3. Create a CSV File with your store information like the Store Locator Import Template.


    Note: When importing your CSV into our Store Locator app, all 6 fields are required. All addresses have to be full, and cannot be in short form. For example, MB will have to be displayed in full as Manitoba.

  4. Under "Import", select Choose File.
  5. Use the file manager to navigate to your file, choose it, and select Open.
  6. Select Upload.
  7. Select the Store Attribute that matches each column.


  8. Select Start Importing.


  1. Bulk export your stores.
  2. Open the file in Excel (or a similar program).
  3. Update the information accordingly.
  4. Save the file as a CSV file (UTF-8).
  5. From within your Store Locator app, select Stores.
  6. Select Manage Locations.
  7. Select Delete All Stores.


  8. Select OK.
  9. Bulk import your stores back into the app.
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