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Set Up Bold Subscriptions V1

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This article outlines how to setup and get started with version 1 of Bold Subscriptions.



1. Select a price plan

Note: Upgrades to the Advanced Plan now requires authorization from our Customer Success team. If you're interested in upgrading to the Advanced Plan of Bold Subscriptions V1, please reach out to our Customer Success team.

Bold Subscriptions V1 offers two price plans: Essentials and Advanced. For more information on these two plans, please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 Overview.

When Subscriptions V1 is installed to your store, it defaults to the Essentials plan. If your store is currently on a free trial, upgrading to the Advanced plan does not affect this trial on your store.

Please visit Pricing and Transaction fees' for more information on Bold Subscriptions V1 billing.



2. Install the Liquid code

Bold Subscriptions V1 requires our Liquid code in order to function properly.

Note: Changing and updating your theme requires a new installation of our Liquid code.

There are three ways to install our Liquid code:

  1. Automatic Install - Automatically install the app's code with our automatic installation tool.
  2. Expert Install - Have one of installation experts add the code for you.
  3. Manual Install - Install the code yourself.

Please visit Installation Guide for Bold Subscriptions V1 for more information.



3. Connect a payment gateway

Bold Subscriptions V1 processes its payments separately from your Shopify checkout because it requires you to connect a third party payment gateway.

Note: Please ensure you have an account with one of our supported payment gateways before proceeding with the remaining steps. Some payment gateways take between 7-10 business days before the account is approved, so we recommend completing this step as soon as possible.

For more information, please visit Connecting a Payment Gateway to Bold Subscriptions V1.



4. Select a cart mode

Currently, there are three ways to customize your customer's purchase experience:

  • Single Cart Mode - Automatically direct your customers to the checkout after they've selected a subscription product.
  • Multiple Cart Mode
  • Recurring Cart Mode - Let your customers subscribe to a whole cart of products at a time.

To change the cart mode within the Bold Subscriptions app, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within the Bold Subscriptions V1 admin, select Subscriptions.
  2. Select Cart Mode.
  3. Select which Cart Mode you would like to enable on your store.
  4. Select OK on the warning that appears to proceed.

For more information, please visit Cart Modes in Bold Subscriptions V1.



5. Create your subscription groups

Creating your subscription groups is a different process depending on which cart mode you have selected.

  • Selecting single or multiple product cart mode allows you to configure individual subscription groups.
  • Selecting the recurring cart cart mode only allows you to manage your subscription details.

Selecting recurring cart does not allow you to select individual products. All of your store's products can be purchased as a subscription when using the recurring cart mode.

For more information, please visit Subscription Type Overview .



6. Create a test order

Once the installation is completed, you can connect Bold's test payment gateway to test the subscription order process on your store. This helps you view the purchase process from a customer's perspective.

Please visit Creating a Test Order with Bold Subscriptions V1 for more information.



7. Build your subscription features

We recommend reviewing Bold Subscriptions' default settings before launching your subscription products. This gives you the opportunity to customize the app's email templates, language settings, and display settings.

Please visit Subscriptions Features Overview for more information on adjusting these settings.



8. Apply subscription-specific discounts

Looking to offer incentives to your customers?

Please visit Discounts in Bold Subscriptions V1 to learn more about what kinds of incentives you can offer with Bold Subscriptions V1.



9. Customize your subscription settings

With Bold Subscriptions V1, you can customize everything from the display of the widget, to the language in the checkout.

Please visit Customization & Styling in Bold Subscriptions V1 for more information.



10. Manage your subscription orders

Bold Subscriptions V1 is packed with features that help both you and your customers manage their orders with ease.

To learn more about how to manage your inventory, refunds, or cancellations, please visit Customization & Styling in Bold Subscriptions.



11. Track reporting and analytics

Please visit Reports & Analytics in Bold Subscriptions