Set-up Bold Subscriptions


Looking to get Bold Subscriptions set-up and running? Follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide and you will soon be ready to launch your subscription service.

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  1. Install the Bold Subscriptions app to your Shopify store.
  2. Choose a price plan with Bold Subscriptions.

    There are two price plans which are currently available in Subscriptions, each possessing their own set of features. For more information on the features included within the Essentials and Advanced plans of our app, please visit our Bold Subscriptions page.
  3.  Install the Liquid code to your Shopify theme.

    Bold Subscriptions requires that Liquid code be inserted into your Shopify theme in order to work properly. If you feel comfortable with coding, you can complete this installation yourself! You can also request one of our expert installers take care of this for you at no charge.

    Visit our Installation Guide for Bold Subscriptions for more information on completing this install on your theme.
  4. Connect your Payment Gateway.

    In order to process customer payments, a supported payment gateway of your choosing must be set-up and connected to Bold Subscriptions. It can take a while for payment gateways accounts to be approved, so we recommend completing this step as soon as possible. 

    For more information on compatible payment gateways, please visit our article on Connecting a Payment Gateway to Bold Subscriptions.
  5. Select a Cart Mode

    Currently, there are three main cart modes to choose from which will impact how subscriptions are presented on your storefront. These options are Single product, Multiple Products, or Recurring cart modes. Review the unique functionalities each mode offers and choose the one best suited for your needs.

    Recurring cart mode does not utilize subscription groups, however you can still set criteria that will define the rules for your stores subscriptions.

    For more information, visit our Cart Modes Bold Subscriptions.
  6. Build your Subscriptions products

    Note: The subscription options setup will differ according to the cart mode you've selected in the previous step. Follow the instructions below that correspond to your cart mode.

    If you choose to operate in Single or Multiple products mode, you will need to configure your subscription groups. This involves selecting products and criteria that will define the rules of your subscriptions.

    For more information, visit our Subscription Types Overview.

  7. Create a test order.

    When the installation is complete, you are able to connect to our test payment gateway to create a test order on your store. This will help you see what your customer sees' in terms of customization, the Manage Subscription page, etc.

    Visit our page on Creating a Test Order with Bold Subscriptions for more information on completing this step.
  8. Build your Subscriptions features.

    Bold Commerce recommends reviewing the app's default settings before launching your subscriptions on your store. This will give you the opportunity to customize email templates, language settings, and display settings to your liking.

    Visit our Subscriptions Features Overview for more information on adjusting the in-app settings.
  9. Apply subscription-specific discounts on your products.

    If you're looking to offer incentives such as "Subscribe and Save!" offers, please visit our Discounts in Bold Subscriptions article to learn more about how this can be best utilized for your business modal.
  10. Customize your Subscriptions settings.

    Within Bold Subscriptions, you can customize everything from the display of the widget to the language in the checkout. You can do this to match your stores theme, or to be a vibrant stand-out option for your customers to gravitate to.

    For more information, visit our Customization & Styling in Bold Subscriptions.

  11. Manage your Subscriptions orders.

    Bold Subscriptions is packed with features that help both the merchant and customers manage their orders with easy. To learn more about ways about managing your inventory, refunds and cancellations, visit our Manage Subscriptions overview, here.
  12. Track Reporting and Analytics

    To see information on your future subscription orders, tracking, and financial benefit to offering this type of order - please visit the Reports & Analytics tab of Bold Subscriptions.
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