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Find a Shopify Theme's ID Number

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Shopify's platform provides you with the flexibility of downloading multiple different themes. You can also duplicate and name your theme versions whatever you want.

In some cases, we may need to assist you in modifying your theme coding. This generally only occurs if you need help with an install, or there's a coding adjustment with one of our apps that is slightly too complex to accomplish on your own.

Because your theme names can change, we're able to best identify which of your themes you would like us to modify by using its ID number.



Locating the Theme ID

All of your Shopify themes are located in Shopify's admin under Sales channels > Online Store > Themes.

Online store Sales Channel

Shopify Themes

From here, you'll need to select the ellipsis on the theme you want the number for, and then Edit code:

Once you're within the code editor, the theme's ID number will be indicated in your browser's URL:

URL Theme number

If you're still unable to locate your theme ID, please submit your request with a detailed description of your desired theme's name.

From here, please do not modify the name of the theme until after you've received confirmation that we've completed the requested work.