Help Center Search Tips & Tricks

Bold's Help Center provides a large amount of information on our apps. You can find information on price plans and functionalities, setup instructions, FAQs, as well as customizations.

Due to the diversity of our products, we understand that it can be difficult to manually navigate through all of the articles.

This article will guide you through the layout and functionality of the Help Center so that you can easily find the articles you are looking for. 



From the home page, you can search using one of two search bars near the top of the page:

Help Center Search Bar

When searching for information for a particular app, it is best to use the app name and version (if known) and include one of our action words. Generally, articles use one of the following action words to describe different goals:

  • Create
  • Customize
  • Set up
  • Add
  • Apply
  • Select
  • Change
  • Enable
  • View
  • Disable
  • Remove
  • Install

Adding one of the above action words to your search terms will help narrow down the search results. Simply use the word that most closely relates to what you want to achieve with the app. For example, you could search: Create an Upsell offer, Subscriptions V2 setup, or install Custom Pricing.

While typing in your search terms, a short list of suggested articles that are relevant to your terms will appear: 

Search terms

You can choose from one of the suggested articles as in the above list, or hit enter on your keyboard to see a list of all possible results:

Search results page


Keep Your Search String Simple

The Help Center's search function works best with smaller keyword searches as apposed to using longer sentence-form questions. With less information in the query, the search function is able to better connect your terms with the article's titles, tags, and overview.

The only time a longer sentence-form query should be used is if you're looking to have a question answered through our FAQs.



All published articles on the Help Center can be found in the side navigation menu. To browse all articles for the Bold app you are using, simply select your platform at the top, and your app from the menu list below. The side navigation is available from every page within the Help Center.

Platform Selection

Because Bold creates many different apps for many different platforms, you can narrow down your view by choosing a Platform selection from the top of the side menu.

From left to right, the icons represent:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • commercetools

Platform Selection


App Catalogue

Under App Catalogue, you can search for your app by name, or browse from the menu below. All apps are listed alphabetically.

Once you find the app you are looking for, selecting it will expand the view and display all sections and articles for that app.

Expanded menu


Once you select an article to view, you will be taken to the article, and the app you are viewing information about will move to the top of the menu for easier browsing. This enables you to find all the articles for your selected app without having to scroll down the menu each time.


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