Help Center Search Tips & Tricks

Bold's Help Center provides a large amount of information on how to set up our apps, what their individual functionalities are, and how to customize certain aspects of them.

Due to the diversity of our products, we understand that it can be difficult to manually navigate through all of the articles. This is why our Help Center has two search bars to help you look for information:

Help Centre Search

We've also created this guide to provide you with a few tips & tricks on how to search for the information you're looking for.

Use the App's Name

All of our articles have a small section at the top to indicate which app the article is referring to:

App Name Indicator

In some cases, the app name is also referenced in the title of the article.

Including your app's name in your search string will make it easier for our Help Center to reference the app you need information on.

For example: Upsell, Bundles, Subscriptions, etc.

Include one of our Action Words

Generally, our articles use one of the following action words to describe what you're trying to accomplish with the app:

  • Create
  • Customize
  • Set up
  • Add
  • Apply
  • Select
  • Change
  • Enable
  • View
  • Disable
  • Remove
  • Uninstall

Adding one of the above action words to your query will help narrow down the search bar's results. Simply use the word that most closely relates to what you want to achieve with the app.

For example: Create Upsell, Customize Multi-Currency, and Add an X to Cashier.

Keep Your Search String Simple

The Help Center's search function works best with smaller key-word searches as apposed to using longer sentence-form questions. With less information in the query, the search function is able to better connect your terms with the article's titles, tags, and overview.

The only time a longer sentence-form query should be used is if you're looking to have a question answered through our FAQs.

For example: Create Upsell Offer, Customize Multi-Currency Picker, and Add Shipping Zones to Cashier.

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