Bold Bundles App Integration FAQs



This guide answers a couple of common questions in regards to using other Bold apps with Bold Bundles.

Here's the questions that are covered in this article:

  • Can I use Bundles with Custom Pricing?
  • Does Bundles work with Bold Discounts?

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If you're using the Accelerated method with both versions of these apps, they will work naturally with each other. There is no need to set up each of the apps in a specific order.

Note: Both of these apps must be using the Accelerated method for them to work together.

If you're using the Draft Orders or Variant Dependant method with either one of these apps, you must create your bundle offers first, and then create the Custom Pricing groups.

If the Custom Pricing groups are created first, the products are not available to be selected in bundle offers.

Bundles and Discounts work well together, but any sales you run on an item with Discounts will apply to both the regular price and the "Bundled" price.

For example: If you have an item that is regularly $100 and have a "Bundle and Save 10%" sale, the product is either $100 or $90 if bought as a bundle. If you run a 20% off sale with Discounts, the regular price would then become $80, and the bundled price would be $72 ($90-20%). When the sale ends with Discounts, both the regular and bundled price will return to normal.

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