Product Options: Information & Overview

Product Options is a dynamic e-commerce tool that provides you with the ability to offer customizable options for your products. This allows customers to view and purchase different variants of the same product, such as a different size or colour of t-shirt, in the same currency as your Shopify store.

You can create as many options as you'd like for each product on your store. This allows you to bypass Shopify's 100-variant limit, since Product Options does not create additional variants for non-priced options.

You can offer multiple selections using different option types, allow customers to personalize their products using text boxes, and more. There are a multitude of option types you can use to display your product options, including:

  • Checkboxes
  • File uploads
  • Radio buttons
  • Drop-down menus

The premium version allows you to offer priced options as well as swatches.

If you have any questions about Product Options, please reach out to our Merchant Success team here.


You have a t-shirt product on your store. You've given customers the ability to choose their sleeve length, colour, and size. Customers can choose their options before adding the item to their cart.



Availability & Installation

Product Options is currently available on Shopify.

This app requires our Liquid code installation onto your Shopify theme in order to function properly. This ensures that the options appear on your store's product pages and process correctly within the Shopify checkout.


Making changes to your theme (IE. updating your theme) may cause interruptions with your Product Options. It is recommended contacting our Merchant Success team for a new installation of code if any changes are made.

It is important to note that the products you want to display options on can only be available via the Online Store sales channel. Other sales channels such as Shopify POS will not work with Product Options.

If you feel comfortable with code, you can complete the Liquid code installation yourself, or you can use our automatic installer to complete this for you.

For more information on adding the Product Options Liquid code to your store, please visit Installation Guide for Bold Product Options.




There are two price plans currently available through Bold Product Options, each possessing their own set of features. The cost is billed directly through Shopify and will be reflected on your monthly Shopify invoice.





Price per month

$19.99 (USD)

$49.99 (USD)

Unlimited Options

File Uploads

Save Options

Batch Apply

Full Design Customization


All Option Types (Excluding Swatches)

Image and Color Swatches


Creating Priced Options


Conditional Logic


Edit Options in Cart



If you would like to change your current Bold Product Options price plan, you can do so by navigating to Settings > Account Settings from within the app admin.

If you're ready to get started with Product Options, visit our setup guide.




Unlimited Options

Product Options does not create additional variants when you create your options. This allows you to bypass Shopify's 100-variant limit, giving you the ability to add an unlimited amount of options to any of your products.


Bulk-Apply Options

Create option sets that are relevant to many different products on your store, and apply the sets to multiple products to save time and effort.


For clothing shops, sizing options would be applicable to most, if not all products. Rather than having to make an option set for individual products, you can simply set the option set across the entire store, or specific collections.


Priced Options

With the premium plan, you can assign an additional cost to one or more of your options. This can either be in the form of an added cost that you specify, or using another product/variant that's already in your store.

More information about priced options.


In-Cart Editing

Allow customers to edit their options from within the cart page. This way, they don't need to remove the option they've already selected, then visit your product page and re-add the product with the new selection; they're able to change their option selection from right within their cart.

More information about in-cart editing.


Conditional Logic

Conditional logic - also known as a 'list of conditions' - allows you to show or hide subsequent options from customers, depending on what they chose as their previous option.


You're selling chocolates, and offer 3 types (white, milk, dark). You offer various fillings for each type of chocolate, but some fillings are exclusive to one type of chocolate. You can set your conditional logic to show certain types of filling to customers based on the type of chocolate they select.

More information about conditional logic.


Image/Colour Swatches

When you select the image/colour swatch option, you're presented with a selection of either uploading an image to show your swatches, or using a colour wheel to select your swatch colour.

If you're ready to get started with Product Options, visit our setup guide.

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