Make an Option Required

Product Options allows you to make your options required so your customers are required to make a selection before being able to add the item to their cart.


You sell clothing in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. The size option can then be set as Required so customers must select Small, Medium or Large before adding the item to their cart.



  1. From within the Product Options app, select Options in the top navigation bar.
  2. Edit the option set you'd like to adjust.
  3. Select the Required checkbox next to the option you want to make required, then Save Option Set once you're done.

    Select Required, then save the option set




It is not currently possible to adjust the display of the asterisk that appears when an option is required.

When an option is set to be required and a customer attempts to add a product to their cart without choosing an option, a message will display letting them know that the option is required.

The customer will not be able to add the item to their cart until the required option is selected.

This option is required

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