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This guide answers several frequently asked questions regarding Custom Pricing's Detailed Pricing feature. Please select a question below to view the answer.



  1. You can apply quantity break discounts for products in Detailed Pricing. These discounts can be added individually for each product, or added through a bulk import using a .CSV file.

    Please visit Set up Quantity Breaks Using Detailed Pricing and Bulk Import Prices with Quantity Breaks into Custom Pricing for further steps on adding quantity break discounts into the Detailed Pricing section.

  2. Discounts set in Detailed Pricing overrides discounts set in price groups or the storewide discounts set in the Manage Tags page in Custom Pricing.

  3. You cannot import discounts created from product price groups or default discounts applied in customer tags, however, you can export discounts applied in the Detailed Pricing section from one store and import those discounts into another store.

    Discounts that are set in Detailed Pricing can be exported from within Custom Pricing by selecting the Export option on the Import/Export page:

    Import/Export Page

    Please visit Import & Export Prices in Custom Pricing for more information.

  4. Custom Pricing offers two different ways of applying unique wholesale pricing to your products:

    • Product Pricing Groups
    • Detailed Pricing

    Both of these methods have various differences in their benefits, set-up, complexity, and discounting ability.


    Product Pricing Groups

    Applying wholesale pricing through customer pricing groups involves creating a group, selecting a group of products, then assigning a discount for each pricing tier within that group for those products.

    Different discounts for different products would require separating those products in their own customer pricing group.

    Price Group Setup


    Detailed Pricing

    The detailed pricing functionality allows for easier management of individual products and their respective discounts compared to using customer pricing groups.

    Products and customer pricing tags are listed in a grid type format. You're able to specify the fixed price or discount for a particular product or variant. This is especially helpful in situations where each product or variant has its own discount.

    Another advantage is that all product discounts are isolated from each other. Updating one variant/customer tag discount only causes the app to process that one product, instead of all of the products that happen to be in a customer pricing group.

    Detailed Pricing Page

  5. Newly created products in your Shopify admin do not appear right away within the Detailed Pricing page. If you notice that a product is not appearing in the search results or when browsing through your pages of products in Detailed Pricing, a sync must be ran in Detailed Pricing.

    A sync can be ran by selecting the Sync with Shopify link on the Detailed Pricing page:

    Sync with Shopify

    Note: This sync can only be ran once every 24 hours. If the sync is not present, you will need to wait until the next day to run another sync.