Create Conditional Logic


Swatches are only available on the Premium version of Bold Product Options. Please visit Product Options: Information & Overview for more information.


Bold Product Options offers a wide variety of options that you can offer to your customers.

On the premium plan of Bold Product Options, you will have access to conditional logic. Conditional logic allows you to create rules that show and hide additional options based on your customer's selections.

If your product has multiple options but some of the options are only available once a customer chooses a specific option, then this is a great feature to use.






Conditional logic can only be applied to the options themselves, as it is not possible to show or hide specific option values. Individual values can be used for a rule, but not for an action.

IE. You have the following options: Size and Colour. You can only show / hide Size and Colour; you cannot show or hide the individual sizes or colours within each option. (IE. Small, Large; Red, Blue)

  1. Create an option set with at least two options.
  2. From within the Product Options app, select List of Conditions along the top navigation bar.
  3. From the Select Option Set dropdown, choose which option you would like to create conditions for, then select Create New Condition.

    Select option set and create new condition

  4. Complete the Rules.
    1. If (select Option Set);
    2. Step (select is equal to or is not equal to);
    3. Select an Option.

      Fill out the rules

  5. Complete the Actions, then select Save.
    1. Then (select show or hide);
    2. Select an Option.

      Fill out the actions and select save




A product should not be used in more than one option set if it's being used for conditional logic, as this can cause issues with trying to set the correct show and hide functionality on the storefront.

Conditional logic cannot be copied and pasted from one option set to another. The conditional logic must be created by scratch for each option set that is created within the in-app admin.

We recommend against using both "show" and "hide" rules for the same option type. The app knows to do the opposite if the condition is not met.

While it is possible to add the same option type into multiple conditional logic rules, we recommend against this, as this can cause contradicting rules on the storefront.

New rules and changes to existing rules can take usually up to an hour to appear on the storefront. This is due to caching.

To resolve this, the cache must be busted, and this can only occur within the hour it takes for conditions to sync.

If you notice that the new or existing rule changes are not appearing on the storefront within this timeframe, please visit Product Options Not Displaying and follow the steps for clearing the cache for Product Options within your theme.

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