Create Conditional Logic


  1. Create an option set with at least two options.
  2. From within the Product Options app, select List of Conditions along the top navigation bar.
  3. From the Select Option Set dropdown, choose which option you would like to create conditions for, then select Create New Condition.

    Select option set and create new condition

  4. Complete the Rules.
    1. If (select Option Set);
    2. Step (select "is equal to" or "is not equal to");
    3. Select an Option.

      Fill out the rules

  5. Complete the Actions, then select Save.
    1. Then (select "show" or "hide");
    2. Select an Option.

      Fill out the actions and select save



Things to Note

  • The same product should not appear in more than one option set if it's being used for conditional logic.
  • We recommend against using both "show" and "hide". The app knows to do the opposite if the condition is not met.
  • Avoid putting the same option type in multiple rules. 
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