Product Options Settings FAQ

This article outlines the most commonly asked questions on Product Options 2.0's settings.



Yes, text can be added as a title above your options within the Display Settings, under the title text option. Please note that there is a 100-character limit within this field.

Yes, the in-app display settings allow you to adjust the size and style of your swatches. This can be found within the Display Settings section of the app.

In Swatch Settings, there is an option for small, medium, and large swatch sizes. If you're looking for something larger or smaller than the default size in the app, you can add this customization to your theme. Please visit Adjust the Swatch Size in Product Options for more information.

You can also purchase this customization through our Bold Success store. 

Yes, but there is no language setting within the Bold Product Options. The app will display what you have entered while creating your options.

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