Create, Edit, or Delete Options and Option Sets


Each option can be manually created and linked to the products in your Shopify Store. Please follow this comprehensive step by step to build your Options and Option sets!





Multiple option sets should not be applied to the same products. You should create all options within the same option set.

  1. From within your Product Options app, select Options on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Create Option Set.

    Select Create Option Set

  3. Create an Option Set Name.

    Note: This name is for your internal reference only. We recommend naming it in accordance with the options you'll be creating, such as "Ladies Pants Sizes" or "Men's T-Shirt Sizes".

  4. Choose Select Products, then select Products or Dynamic List

    Note: If selecting more than 15 products, we recommend creating a dynamic list. These can be created as a "Hidden Smart Collection" in Shopify.

  5. Select Save Selection.
  6. Select Create new option.

    Select Create New Option

  7. Enter a NameTypeSystem Name, and Help Text for your option.

    Note: You can adjust the way that the help text displays on your product page.

  8. Enter the Values.
  9. Check the Selected box if you'd like that value to be selected by default.

    Check the Selected box (optional)

  10. Select Save, then Save Option Set once you are finished.



Edit/Delete Options or Option Sets

To edit or delete an existing option, please follow these steps:

  1. From within your Product Options app, select Options from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Edit next to the option set you'd like to adjust, or Delete if you want to remove the entire option set (including all of the options within it).

    Select Edit next to the Option Set

  3. Select Edit to delete an individual option, or Remove to delete the entire set of options.

    Select Edit or Remove

    1. If you selected Edit, select the X next to the individual option you want to delete. Repeat for all options you'd like to remove.

      Select the X to delete individual options

  4. Select Save Option Set.
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