Bold Cashier Information & Overview

Bold Cashier is a powerful e-commerce app that provides your store with additional functionalities that are not available with your current Shopify checkout. This includes the ability to offer subscription products with our Bold Subscriptions integration, as well as offer additional payment methods within the checkout.

Bold Cashier uses its own processes to charge and capture the orders that customers place on your store. This allows the app to be integrated with many of our other apps, along with an entire suite of third-party app integrations.


This article is specific to Bold Cashier on Shopify. If your store is using Bold Checkout, please visit the articles relevant for BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or commercetools, here.




At this time, Bold Cashier is unavailable for installation via Shopify. This is due to the re-evaluations and restrictions created on payments being processed by third-party checkouts on their platform. If your store has installed our Bold Cashier app prior to January 20th, 2020 - you will be able to continue using this app as it is grandfathered on your store.

A version of Bold Cashier is also available on WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and commercetools.

When Bold Cashier is installed to your store, all of the liquid code is automatically added to your theme files. The checkout is ready to process orders as soon as the set-up for our app is completed.

Bold Cashier will have to be enabled once you are ready to use it. This can be fully enabled, or enabled in development mode.

Bold Cashier is also available and listed as Bold Checkout on BigCommerce, and is still available for installation.



At this time, Bold Cashier is free to use on a monthly basis, but does charge a 1% transaction fee on all orders that pass through this checkout. Transactions may also be subject to fees charged by the payment gateways.

How Bold's transaction fee is charged is dependant on which payment gateway your store currently has connected to our app.  

If you started using Bold Cashier prior to May 1st, 2021, you will continue to pay .5% for your transaction fees.



Using Stripe

With Stripe, the transaction fee is taken off before the payment is deposited into your bank account. This means when Stripe does a payout, it has all of our transaction fees deducted for purchases made through the Cashier checkout.

Once this is completed, a summary of all the fees that have been paid for your store for the previous month will be sent to you. You should receive this on the 1st of each month.



Using any other Supported Payment Gateway

Braintree and other payment gateways do not support the same fee structure as Stripe does. When connecting these payment gateways you will be required to add a credit card.

This means that there would be a monthly charge to your credit card, after your store's revenue has been deposited to your account through your payment gateway. This will be charged on the 1st of each month, at approximately 10am CST.


Connecting a payment gateway will prompt for a credit card to be attached. This card will be used for charging the Cashier transaction fees.



Bold Cashier offers a fully customizable experience to provide to your customers, with a variety of different options. You are able to change the colors, checkout flow of your store, along with other areas of the app using the admin settings and CSS styling.

Bold Cashier has a full suite of APIs that can allow for custom plugins to be created for the Cashier checkout. Check out our Developer's Portal for more information.

Since this app is packed with features, it is able to integrate with different apps to best utilize Cashier to its full potential. Please visit our Integration Hub for Bold Cashier for more information.

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