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Bold Cashier Pricing & Overview

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Bold Cashier is a powerful checkout solution that offers additional payment methods, extensive customization, a long list of integrations, and much more straight out of the box.

Bold Cashier uses its own processes to charge and capture your customer's orders. This allows it to be integrated with many of our other apps (including Bold Subscriptions), along with an entire suite of third-party applications.




Alert: Bold Cashier is currently unavailable for installation on Shopify due to Shopify's re-evaluation and newly created restrictions for third-party checkouts.

If you installed Bold Cashier prior to January 20, 2020, it will continue to function as expected until it's been uninstalled from your store. Bold Cashier cannot be reinstalled.

Bold Cashier is otherwise available as Bold Checkout for BigCommerce, commercetools, Magento 1, or Adobe Commerce.




Alert: If you installed Bold Cashier prior to May 1, 2021, you will continue to pay a 0.5% transaction fee.

Bold Cashier is free to download, but does charge a 1.0% transaction fee on all orders processed through Bold Cashier. Transactions may also be subject to fees charged by the payment gateway.

How Bold Cashier charges the transaction fee is dependant on which payment gateway you are currently using.


Pricing while using Stripe

With Stripe, Bold Cashier's transaction fee is taken off of your customer's order prior to the payment being deposited into your bank account.

Stripe's payouts contain the transaction fees that were deducted from your customer's purchases made through the Cashier checkout.

Bold Cashier will send you a summary of the previous month's fees on the 1st of each month.


Pricing while not using Stripe

With other payment gateways, Bold Cashier requires you to add a credit card in order to be charged Bold Cashier's transaction fee. Other payment gateways do not support the same fee structure that Stripe offers.

Because of this, you will be charged on the 1st of each month (at approximately 10:00am CST) after your store's revenue's been deposited.



Installation and setup

Once you've set Bold Cashier up and are ready to start selling, you will need to enable the app. This can either be fully enabled or partially enabled (via development mode).

  1. Install Bold Cashier.

    Note: Bold Cashier is no longer available for installation on Shopify. If your store is using Bold Checkout on another platform, please visit the articles relevant for BigCommerce, commercetools, Magento 1, or Adobe Commerce.

  2. Connect a payment gateway.
  3. Setup your tax settings.
  4. Setup your shipping rates.
  5. Optional: Customize Bold Cashier's checkout.
  6. Optional: Customize Bold Cashier's emails.
  7. Optional: Connect your integrations.
  8. Recommended: Place a test order with Bold Cashier.
  9. Enable Bold Cashier from the General Settings.



Features & functionalities

Fully customize your checkout

Bold Cashier can be fully customized to fit your store's aesthetic, including adding a custom hostname, uploading a logo, uploading a favicon, adding custom CSS, or changing the entire flow of your checkout from 1 page to 3 pages.

Other customizations include:

And much more!


Offer different ways to pay

Bold Cashier offers a wide variety of payment methods your customers can use to checkout, including credit cards, gift cards, PayPal, and digital wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

      • PayPal can be accepted when Bold Cashier is connected to the Braintree payment gateway.
      • Google Pay and Apple Pay can be accepted through Stripe, Adyen, or Braintree.

For the full list of payment gateways that can be used with Bold Cashier, please visit Connect a Payment Processor to Bold Cashier.


Integrate with (almost) anything

Bold Cashier can be integrated with many different types of applications, including integrations for Analytics, Marketing & Emails, Payments, Shipping & DeliveryTaxes, and even other Bold applications.

With Bold Cashier, you can:

      • Track and use insightful customer data gathered from Facebook PixelGoogle Analytics or Google Tag Manager.
      • Increase revenue and help track referrals with help from KickboosterLeadDyno, or SMSBump.
      • Offer customers an easier way to checkout with Google Autocomplete.
      • Stop receiving fraudulent orders with help from NoFraud or Riskified.
      • Offer customers a different way to pay by integrating PayPal ExpressQuadPaySezzle, or Walletpay.
      • Pull and use taxes from TaxJar or Vertex.
      • Generate and charge customers for shipping created by BespokeEasyShip or Shipper.

For more information on each third party integration, please visit Third Party Integrations with Bold Cashier.

For more information on which Bold apps Cashier can integrate with, please visit Cashier Integrations with Bold Apps.


Manage your customers & orders

Bold Cashier allows you to manage customers, create orders, and customize your very own abandoned cart emails. You can view a list of your customers, delete them, or view and adjust their information.

Abandoned carts can be customized to be sent at specific intervals, only be sent to customers who've opted in to accept marketing, and edited to contain your own verbiage.

For more information on customer management, please visit Using & Managing Customer Accounts with Cashier.

For more information on Bold Cashier's abandoned carts, please visit Customer Facing Emails in Bold Cashier.


Robust reporting & analytics

Bold Cashier allows you to track and gather data about your customer's journey through the use of Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, and Custom Scripts.

Custom scripts are meant for those who are experienced with code and script-building. We recommend reaching out to our partners at HeyCarson for a quote on how much it will cost to build you a custom tracking script.

For more information on analytics within Bold Cashier, please visit Reports & Analytics in Bold Cashier.