Custom Pricing Overview & Pricing

Custom Pricing is an eCommerce app that offers two main functionalities: wholesale pricing and quantity-based pricing.

Wholesale pricing allows you to offer varying discounts to different customers or customer groups.


Bronze customers receive 5% off; Silver customers receive 10%; etc.

Quantity-based pricing lets you provide discounts based on how many of a product, or products, your customers purchase.


Buy 5 and get 5% off; buy 10 and get 10% off; etc.

Together, these two modules can allow you to offer quantity-based discounts to your wholesale customers.

Once you're ready to get started, visit Set up Custom Pricing.



Availability & Installation

Custom Pricing is currently available on Shopify.

Custom Pricing requires a Liquid code installation in order to properly function on your store. You have a couple of options to complete the installation:

  • Complete the installation yourself (Liquid coding knowledge required)
  • Request an expert to complete the installation for you

For more information please visit our Installation Guide for Custom Pricing.




Feature Basic Premium Quantity Breaks
Price per month




Create multiple customer levels (wholesale, Gold, VIP, etc).


Tag customers to assign them to a group.


Set different discounts for different products (10% off shoes, $25 off clothing, etc).


Set whether to charge tax or not in the checkout page for each individual tag (taxes are determined in your Shopify admin, this does not include inclusive tax on the storefront)


Free trial period


Automatically tag customers based on country, product purchased, or spending/order history.



Email engine to automatically notify customers when they move to a new group.



Detailed pricing grid to price individual products.



Import pricing from a spreadsheet.



Set a default pricing group to apply across all your wholesale customers.



Create different price tiers for products based on the quantity purchased.



Display a detailed table of the available quantity break tiers.



Customize the quantity break table to match your store's styling.



Change your price plan

To change your price plan in Custom Pricing, please follow these steps:

  1. From within Custom Pricing, select Settings, then Account Plans.
  2. Select Turn Off or Turn On.
  3. Select Update Plan.
  4. Select Approve Charges.
  5. Select Accepted at ...




Flexible Discounting

To best suit your store's needs, Custom Pricing offers 3 different methods with how it discounts your products. Each of these methods offer various benefits and limitations; depending on how they interact with your store.

While on the Variant Dependent or Draft Orders Method, product discounts set in Detailed Pricing will override the discounts set for that product in price groups and default pricing.


If you have a discount of 10% off in a price group, and 15% off set in Detailed Pricing, the 15% will overrule the discount set in the price group.

While on the Accelerated Draft Orders Method, the best/highest discount will be applied to products on the storefront, regardless of where the discount is being applied.

If all of the plans are enabled in Custom Pricing, discounts that are set in the default column for products either within the detailed pricing page or within a price group will also apply to a wholesale tag if the discount set for the default column is higher than the discount set for the custom tag.


If a 15% discount has been applied using a default discount, a 10% discount through a price group, and a 5% discount is set through Detailed Pricing, then the 15% discount will be applied to the storefront.


The premium version also extends the app's functionalities to automatically tag a customer when the total spending from the orders they have placed reaches different thresholds, they've placed a certain number of orders, purchased a selected product, or are from a specific country.


On the premium plan of Custom Pricing, you can import and export pricing within the app using a .CSV file. This allows you to bulk edit your products, rather than changing discounts manually in price groups created within the app.

API Support

While on the Accelerated Draft Order method, you will be able to utilize our Price Rules API on your store. Please visit our Development Documentation for more information on the APIs that are available.




Custom Pricing does not integrate well with other apps that display products outside the store. This is because Liquid code is added to your theme files to hide the customer specific pricing until the customer is logged in.

Generally, when products are displayed outside the store, third-party apps retrieve a range of the lowest and highest priced variants from your store. Some common apps and sales channels that do this are Pinterest, Facebook, and other product feeds.

As these apps do not use the Liquid code installed in your theme, there is no solution to this. Unfortunately, we also do not have control over how these apps pull their data. 

While Custom Pricing does not integrate well with other third party apps, Custom Pricing does offer many different integrations with our other apps. Some of the integrations require you to be on a specific discount method. 

Please see Bold Custom Pricing’s Bold Integrations for more information on how Custom Pricing integrates with our other apps. 

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