Product Options Overview: Options


This section will focus on the options created within Product Options. This is the main feature of the app: using 'options' and 'option sets' to provide customers additional choices when purchasing a product on your store.

Options are the specific selections that customers can make to customize their product. These are created by you, so there are no limitations to what you can do. These live inside the option sets.


Options could be clothing sizes (small, medium, large), colours (red, blue, green), flavours (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry), and more.

Option sets are the type of option you're offering to customers. Using the above options as examples, the option sets would be size, colour, and flavour. These are the categories of options that you can apply to products.





Within the app, the option set is first made, and the products those options will apply to are selected. Once the options within that option set are set up, they'll begin showing on your storefront immediately.

By default, your options will display underneath an item's product title. The display of the options in relation to your product photo will vary from theme to theme. They will also look different depending on which option type you select.

Here are a couple of examples on different themes using different option types:

Colour swatches in a vertical line are shown
Colour swatches shown above.

A dropdown menu of jacket sizes is shown
Dropdown menu shown above.




When products are assigned to options, they can be assigned manually one at a time - or in bulk via collection, product type, or vendor.

You also have the choice of making your options required - this prevents customers from adding the item to their cart without first making a selection. You can also easily re-order and change the placement of your options.

Using our Premium plan, you can also charge an additional cost for an option. This will be covered in the next section.

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