Quantity Breaks FAQs


This guide answers several common questions regarding Custom Pricing's Quantity Breaks module.

Here's the questions that are covered in this article:

  • Can the product price change when the quantity is adjusted on the product page?
  • Can quantity break discounts apply to other sales channels?
  • Can quantity break discounts offer different discounts based on a customer's region?
  • Can quantity break rules apply based on the cart total?
  • Do I need the Customer Pricing plan in order to use Quantity Breaks on my store?
  • How do I install Quantity Breaks?

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No, Custom Pricing does not have an out of box setting that changes the product price on the product page when the quantity of the product is changed. 

Changing the product price on the product page when the quantity is changed would require a larger customization from our Partners team. 

For a price quote and timeline on applying this customization, our Partners team can be reached by filling out the form here.

No, only the Online Store sales channel is compatible with the quantity break discounts. Other sales channels will not have the quantity break discounts appear in a grid table, as the liquid code added into the store theme for Custom Pricing does not extend to other sales channels. 

If Custom Pricing's discount method is set to the Variant Dependant Method, Quantity Break discounts will be created and shown on all third party sales channels. While this might be a benefit if you are using Shopify POS, other sales channels, such as Instagram, eBay, Google, etc, will also show these extra variants created from Custom Pricing. 

Please visit Discount Methods in Custom Pricing for more information on the benefits and limitations of each discount method available. 

The Quantity Breaks plan alone does not have a setting available to offer different discount rates to different users, however, using the Customer Pricing and Quantity Breaks plans together can achieve this functionality. 

When using both plans, you can set quantity break discounts to specific tags, and apply those specific tags to customers either manually or by using the auto-tag feature in Custom Pricing. 

Note: Auto-tagging is only available on the premium version of Custom Pricing

No, Quantity Break rules created in Custom Pricing can only apply to the product's price set in Shopify. 

No, Quantity Breaks can be enabled without needing to enable Customer Pricing. Quantity Breaks can be enabled as a standalone version for only $20.00 USD per month. 

Quantity Breaks is available to install from directly within Custom Pricing. Previously, these two apps were incompatible out-of-the-box and required a custom installation. They're now built together as a solution that allows you to offer quantity-based discounts to your wholesale customers.

Note: You do not need to install or enable the wholesale aspect of Custom Pricing to use Quantity Breaks. 

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