Custom Pricing: Quantity Breaks Information & Overview

Custom Pricing has a module called Quantity Breaks, which allows you to offer quantity-based discounts to your customers. These discounts apply based on how many products your customers purchase.

You can create various quantity discounts based on customer tags, or use Quantity Breaks exclusively to offer these discounts to all of your customers.

You can apply these discounts across multiple groups of products, or offer them on a single group of items.




Custom Pricing displays a widget on your product pages that outline your quantity discounts. This widget will show on each product that has an associated Quantity Break discount. 

Below is an example of a product that has a quantity discount applied: 

Quantity Break Grid example

Your customers will automatically receive a discount when they add the required number of products to their cart. The grid can also be customized to fit your theme.




When the Quantity Breaks plan is enabled in Custom Pricing, products that are applied into price groups can be discounted in one of three different ways: 

  1. Apply Customer Quantity Pricing per individual variants
    Customers need to purchase multiples of the exact same variant in order to receive a quantity-based discount. Example: 5 large-size red shirts.
  2. Apply Customer Quantity Pricing per product
    Customers need to purchase multiples of the same product in order to receive a quantity-based discount. Example: 5 red shirts.
  3. Mix & Match
    Customers can purchase multiples of any products with the same mix & match label to receive a quantity-based discount. Example: 2 products from Group A, and 3 products from Group B that both use the "GOLD-STATUS" mix & match label.

Products can receive quantity break discounts via percentage off, dollar amount off, or a new fixed price on a specific product.

To best suit your store's needs, Custom Pricing offers 3 different methods with how it discounts your products. Each of these methods offer various benefits and limitations; depending on how they interact with your store.

While on the Variant Dependent or Draft Orders Method, product discounts set in detailed pricing will override the discounts set for that product in price groups and default pricing.


If you have a discount of 10% off in a price group, and 15% off set in detailed pricing, the 15% will overrule the discount set in the price group.

While on the Accelerated Draft Orders Method, the best/highest discount will be applied to products on the storefront, regardless of where the discount is being applied.

If all of the plans are enabled in Custom Pricing, discounts that are set in the default column for products either within the detailed pricing page or within a price group will also apply to a wholesale tag if the discount set for the default column is higher than the discount set for the custom tag.


If a 15% discount has been applied using a default discount, a 10% discount through a price group, and a 5% discount is set through Detailed Pricing, then the 15% discount will be applied to the storefront.

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