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This article outlines some of the most common questions regarding having priced options on your store.

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When a priced option is created, it also creates a "hidden product" in your Shopify admin. The hidden product is a regular Shopify product that's tagged as OPTIONS_HIDDEN_PRODUCT.

To make sure that your priced options don't charge any additional shipping, it's highly recommended marking them as a digital product within the Shopify admin:

  1. From the Shopify admin, select ProductsAll Products.
  2. Find the hidden priced option product.


  3. In the Shipping section of the product page, uncheck This is a physical product.

    Change Shipping information

  4. Click Save.



When using the Premium version of Product Options 2.0, orders may appear with code on the Orders page of your Shopify admin because Shopify handles our line item properties in a specific way.


Example order of Bold Code

At this time, we are not currently able to access the Shopify code needed to adjust how this code appears within your Shopify Orders page. 

If your customers are seeing this code in their Shopify notification emails, please visit Integrate Product Options with Shopify's Email Templates.

If you're seeing this code on your Order Printer invoices and packing slips, please visit Displaying Product Options on Shopify Order Printer App.

If you're seeing this code in ShipStation, please visit Product Options 3rd Party Conflicts. This code will completely remove the Shopify code and all of the Product Options information from your ShipStation invoices and packing slips.



  1. Select Edit on the option set you would like to edit.
  2. Select View in store to edit.

    View in store to edit

  3. From the Shopify product page, adjust the price.
  4. Select Save.



No, Product Options cannot use percentages. Priced options can only charge whole amounts.

We instead recommend manually calculating the percentage and changing the Shopify variant's price to reflect the calculation.



Priced options appearing as sold out within the checkout means that the product your priced option is linked to is not currently available on the Online Store sales channel.

It's highly recommended logging back in to your Shopify admin, navigating to Products, and verifying that all applicable products (IE. products being used with Product Options) are available on the Online Store sales channel.

Online Store sales channel

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