Product Options Overview: Settings





The in-app display settings allow you to fully customize the look, style, and language of your option selector in order to match your website's branding.

This includes changing the titles, font size, borders, adding custom CSS, and more.


In-cart Editing

Here, you can enable a setting that will allow your customers to edit their product options from within their cart. This means that, if they want to make a change to a product they've added to their cart, they don't have to navigate back to the product page to redo their product option.



Product Options' front end settings allow you to adjust the way that your priced options are shown on the storefront. By default, they are shown below the options.

Here, you're also able to adjust the way that your dropdown menu items are displayed. This includes both priced and non-priced options. A preview on the side will give you an idea of what these will look like if you make changes to them.

When creating an option set, you can include "Help Text" that gives the customer an idea of what kind of selection they can make for this product. Within the front end settings, you can choose whether this text is displayed or not, and change the language of the "required option" text.



The account settings are where you're able to view your current price plan for Product Options, and upgrade or downgrade as needed.






The display settings have 8 sections: Options TitleOptions Container StyleOptions Name StyleOptions Values StyleSwatch SettingsPremium Option SettingsInventory Settings, and Advanced Users.

These allow you to add text, and change the way it appears next to your options, change how the option types and text look, include information about options' stock, and insert your own custom code.

For more detailed information on these individual settings, please visit Product Options Display Settings.


In-cart Editing

Enable or disable in-cart editing, change the way in which customers can edit their items, and adjust the text that displays to customers when they're editing their options.



The frontend settings allow you to change the way priced options appear, if you are using the premium version of Product Options. You're also able to adjust the way your Help Text displays.

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