Loqate & Cashier Integration



Bold Cashier integrates with Loqate to add 'address autocomplete' to you checkout. This allows customers to quickly choose their address as they begin typing it in.


  1. Sign into Loqate.
  2. From your dashboard, select Add service +.
  3. Select API Key.
  4. Write down or take note of your API key. You will be inputting this key in Step 7.
  5. From within your Cashier app, select SettingsGeneral Settings.
  6. Under the "Address Autocomplete" section, select Connect next to Loqate.
  7. Enter your Loqate API key from Step 4.
  8. Select Save.


  • You cannot use Google Autocomplete and Loqate in the same checkout.
  • This feature doesn't validate an address, it just allows the fields to be filled in automatically. A customer can edit the address manually after choosing it.
  • We only support Loqate's 'address autocomplete' for the shipping and billing address. We do not support phone number validation or email validation.
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