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Please note that this article only relates to Version 1 of Bold Subscriptions. Please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison for more information on determining which version of Bold Subscriptions you are currently on.


We understand that due to COVID-19, you may need to pause the fulfillment of your subscriptions for now. At Bold Commerce, we want to ensure that you are able to make the changes you need to ensure continued success. 

Please know that this feature pauses orders from generating, but does not pause app fees.


This feature requires an extra step to be completed by our Merchant Success team before it is enabled on your store. Please contact us to help with proceeding with these instructions.

This feature will allow you to indefinitely pause all of your active subscription orders. The status of the orders won't change under the customer tab or in the customer-facing manage subscriptions page, meaning that customers who pause their order temporarily will not be affected when you unpause your orders.

 Pro Tip

Pausing individual subscriptions can be performed in Bold Subscriptions through the dropdown steps titled "Pause/Resume a Subscription in Bold Subscriptions V1" on the Subscription Management: Merchant Perspective article.

Note: If you want to prevent future orders from being placed for the time being, please follow the steps below on turning subscription groups off.



Pause Subscriptions

  1. From within your Bold Subscriptions V1 app, select SettingsGeneral.

  2. Under Pause All Active Subscriptions, select Enable.

    Rnable pause all subscriptions

  3. Select Save.



Unpause Subscriptions

  1. From within your Bold Subscriptions V1 app, select SettingsGeneral

  2. Under Pause All Active Subscriptions, select Disable.

  3. Select Save.



Turn off Subscription Groups

If you need to prevent new subscription orders from going through, we suggest turning off your subscription groups.

Note: If a customer purchases a new subscription when your orders are paused, the initial orders will go through. However, the recurring orders will not generate until the orders are unpaused.

To turn off your subscription groups, please follow these steps:

  1. From within your Bold Subscriptions V1 app, select SubscriptionsMy Subscriptions.

  2. Toggle off the subscription group you want to turn off.

    Toggle off subscription groups

  3. Repeat for all subscription groups.

The size of your subscription group will determine how long the sync will take to remove the subscription widget.

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