PayPal Express & Cashier Integration



PayPal Express currently only works with U.S.-based merchants who are shipping within the U.S. It is not compatible with Multi-Currency, and currently only supports USD.


Bold Cashier integrates with PayPal Express to offer customers a quicker checkout experience using One Touch payments through their PayPal account.


  • You must have a PayPal Business account.
  • You will need to set your Payment Receiving Preferences within PayPal to either accept or deny payments in other currencies. You will not be able to hold payments for review.

If you are using Bold Subscriptions or Upsell after Checkout, you will need to enable Reference Transactions in PayPal.


To enable this integration, please follow these steps:

  1. From within your Cashier app, select Payment OptionsPayment Gateways.


  2. Next to "PayPal Express", select Connect.
  3. Enter your credentials.

    Note: These can be found by accessing your PayPal Dashboard and selecting My Apps & Credentials. Select the name of your desired app, and you'll be brought to a new page with the credentials.

  4. Choose the colour and style of your button.
  5. Select Save.

We recommend testing that the integration works by putting through a live transaction through PayPal Express, and then refunding it.


  • The PayPal Express button will appear above the Customer Information section, and not in the Payment Methods section.
  • You will not be able to accept Subscription orders through PayPal Express.
  • You can only have a maximum of 10 shipping lines available to choose from.
  • Currently only supports USD orders.
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