Options appearing on Collection Pages


Bold Product Options creates customizable options on your product pages in the form of dropdowns, checkboxes, etc.

With many Shopify themes, there are product forms used such as [<form></form>] or [{% form %}{% endform %}] within the collection pages. These tags help with giving Shopify Variants the ability to be added to the cart on many different store pages.

Currently, Bold options are meant to only display within the product pages of your store. When these tags are involved, it may cause the options to appear on the Collections, or "view more" areas of the store, incorrectly.

Steps to Fix

To remove options from displaying on your products within the collection page of your store, please follow these steps:

  1. Inspect the Element on the storefront, making sure the proper class is selected.
  2. Go to the "Edit Code" section of your theme.
  3. Find the <form></form> or {% form %}{% endform %} within the collection.liquid
  4. Insert the class no_bold_options

    An example of how this will look:

    <form class="product-addtocart-form no_bold_options"></form>
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