Set up Auto-Tagging Emails in Custom Pricing



This feature requires the premium version of Custom Pricing. Visit Change Your Price Plan in Custom Pricing for more information on how to enable the premium plan module. 


Bold Custom Pricing provides you with the ability to automatically send an email to specific customers who have been auto-tagged. You can create an automated email for each customer tag that you have created.

Note: Emails will only be sent to customers who have been tagged via the auto-tag rules. This will not work if customers have been manually tagged from within Shopify's admin.

To create an automated email for your customer tags, please follow these steps:

  1. From within your Custom Pricing app, select Settings.

    Select Settings

  2. Select Email.


  3. Under Tags, select your desired tag.

    Select your desired Tag

  4. Select the checkbox next to Check if you want an email to be sent.

    Select the checkbox next to Check if you want an email to be sent

  5. Enter an email in the From Email box.

    Note: This is the email that customers will see when they receive something from you.

    Enter in Email in the From Email box

  6. Fill in the Email Subject.

    Enter a Subject into the Email Subject box

  7. Select File.

    Select File

  8. Select New document.

    Select New document

  9. Fill in the body of the email template with the content you would like to send to your customers.

    Fill in the body of the email

  10. Select Save.

    Select Save

  11. Repeat Steps 3 - 10 for all other tags. 

You may want to verify that automated emails are being delivered when a customer is automatically tagged.

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