Custom Pricing: Customer Tags Information & Overview


This article only relates to the "Customer Pricing" plan in Custom Pricing. Tags can only be created when the "Customer Pricing" plan is enabled in Custom Pricing. Please see Change Your Price Plan in Custom Pricing for more information on enabling the Customer Pricing plan.


To start creating discounts for specific customers, you will need to create tags in Custom Pricing. Tags are created in Custom Pricing and then either automatically assigned to customers based on auto-tag rules, or manually added to your customers in the Customers section in the Shopify admin. 


After tags are created in Custom Pricing and the tag has been discounted in a price group, in the Detailed Pricing section or if a storewide discount has been applied to the tag, the tag will need to be added to a customer's account in the Shopify admin. Once the tag is added to a customer's account, the discounts will be implemented on the storefront as soon as the customer is logged in with the account. 

Customers that are logged in without a tag will see the regular prices of your products set in your Shopify admin, while customers that are logged in with a tagged account will see the discounted prices for all products that are being discounted based on the tag that is assigned to them. 

The discounted prices set in Custom Pricing will be visible for logged in users on all sections of your storefront, such as product pages, collection pages, home page, search page, cart page, etc. 

Here are a couple of examples showing what a customer would see on a product page while logged into a tagged account and while not logged in with a tagged account: 

Logged in Tagged Screenshot Example

Non-Tagged Screenshot Example

In the first example, the price is being reduced by 50% compared to the second example. Visually the product page will look identically the same, as well as all other pages. The only visual difference will be the discounted price being applied when a customer is logged in with a tagged account. 


Tags can be set based on a priority from top to bottom, where top is the most prioritized tag, and bottom being the least prioritized tag. The prioritization feature is used for the auto-tagging feature on the premium plan to determine which tag should be applied to a customer's account in Shopify if customer's meet several auto-tag rules at once. 

Each tag can be set to charge tax or not charge tax for each tag based on the tax rules created in the Shopify admin under Settings, Taxes.  

While on the premium plan, each tag can also have an auto-tag rule which automatically applies a tag to a customer's account in Shopify based on certain conditions, such as order purchase history or region that the customer resides in. 

You can also apply a storewide discount for a specific tag to all of the products on the storefront via a percentage based discount. The storewide discount will only be visible to users logged in with that specific tag. 

Note: The storewide discounts feature in Manage Tags is not available while on the Variant Dependant Method

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