Product Pricing Groups Information & Overview


If the Customer Pricing plan is enabled in Custom Pricing, tags should be created under Manage Tags first before creating product price groups. Please visit Create, Edit or Delete Customer Tags for further steps with creating tags in Custom Pricing.


The product pricing groups are how Custom Pricing determines which items you want to offer wholesale pricing on.

You're able to set specific discounts on products that will override the default discounts you've applied with your pricing tags.

With Custom Pricing Premium, you're able to go even further with this, and apply discounts to specific variants using the Detailed Pricing feature.

The Quantity Breaks module provides you with ability to create and offer additional pricing discounts to customers that purchase multiples of certain items or variants.


Once the tags have been created in Custom Pricing under Manage Tags, product price groups will then need to be created in order to apply different discounts across the products created on your store.

If you would like to apply a different discount rate for each product, you would need to create a price group for each product that you want to offer a different discount for. For example, if Product A and Product B both costs $10.00 and you wanted to offer a $2.00 discount for Product A and a $5.00 discount for Product B for users only tagged with "VIP", two price groups would need to be created in Custom Pricing.


If the products that are selected in a price group end in different cent totals, an override cents setting can be enabled to change the ending cents for each product in the price group to a set amount. 

Products or variants can be assigned manually one at a time - or in bulk via collection, product type, vendor or a custom filtered list. 

You can also set when to apply the discounts set in a price group by enabling a start and end date for the price group. This feature is only available while Custom Pricing is set to Accelerated Draft Orders - Version 3.

Please see Discount Methods in Custom Pricing and Switch Methods in Custom Pricing for more information on switching to this discount method. 

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