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Product Pricing Groups Information & Overview

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Product Pricing Groups are used to determine which products you want to discount for which customers.

If you've set up default store-wide discounts when creating your customer tags, your Product Pricing Groups will override the default discounts to give you more control with specific products.

There are three different discount types that can be used within a price group:

  • Percent Discount - Allows you to offer a percentage amount off your products.
  • Price Discount - Allows you to offer a set amount off of your products based on your store's default currency.
  • Set Fixed Price - Allows you to set a fixed unit price for your products.

    Note: You can only set a lower unit price for a Fixed Price amount. If a higher unit price is set, the higher price is ignored in favour of the lower unit price.

You can also set up Quantity Breaks in your Product Pricing Groups to offer volume based discounts to customers that purchase multiples of certain items or variants. This feature is available on its own in the Select plan or alongside tiered pricing in the Standard Select, Premium Select, or Complete plans

Note: Tags should be created under Manage Tags first before creating product price groups. Please visit Create, Edit or Delete Customer Tags for more information on creating tags in Custom Pricing.




Once you've created your tags, Product Price Groups need to be created in order to apply different discounts across your products.

If you'd like to apply a different discount for each product, you need to create a price group for each product you want to offer a discount for.


Product A and Product B both cost $10.00. You'd like to offer a $2.00 discount for Product A, and a $5.00 discount for Product B, for users tagged with VIP. Two price groups will need to be created.




The override cents setting allows you to set rules for the cents of the product prices in the group.

Products or variants can be selected individually or in bulk, such as via collection, product type, vendor or a custom filtered list.

You can also set when to activate the discounts by enabling a start and end date for the price group. This feature is only available while Custom Pricing is set to Accelerated Draft Orders - Version 3.

Please see Discount Methods and How to Switch for more information on switching to this discount method.