Custom Pricing Overview: Detailed Pricing

Custom Pricing provides you with the ability to create Detailed Pricing on a per item/per price group basis. You can specify each product's price or discount amount for your pricing groups as opposed to offering a general discount across multiple items.

You're able to decide what discount amounts you want to apply on a per-variant/per-customer tag basis.

You can set a percentage off, amount off, or set a fixed price:

Detailed Pricing screen from within the app

While on the Variant Dependent or Draft Orders Method, product discounts set in Detailed Pricing will override the discounts set for that product in price groups and default pricing.


If you have a discount of 10% off in a price group, and 15% off set in Detailed Pricing, the 15% will overrule the discount set in the price group.

While on the Accelerated Draft Orders Method, the best/highest discount will be applied to products on the storefront, regardless of where the discount is being applied.


If a 5% discount has been applied using a default discount, a 15% discount through a price group, and a 10% discount is set through Detailed Pricing, then the 15% discount will be applied to the storefront.


Detailed Pricing requires you to be using the premium version of Custom Pricing. Please visit Custom Pricing: Information & Overview for more information on switching.




Once tags have been created, products can be discounted on a per-item/per-group basis by searching for the product. This makes it easier to apply unique discounts to each individual product, rather than having to create a price group for each one under the Product Pricing Groups. 

With the Quantity Breaks module enabled, you're able to set specific quantity discounts on a per product, or variant, basis.


If you're using Quantity Breaks on your site as well, please visit Set up Quantity Breaks Using Detailed Pricing.




Detailed Pricing allows you to bulk import a list of discounts into the Detailed Pricing section using a .CSV file, allowing for a much faster turnaround for applying a unique discount across all of your products. 

Products that exist on your Shopify admin can be located easily in Detailed Pricing by searching the product using a keyword of the product, or by using one of the bulk filters such as product type, collection, or vendor.

While the Quantity Breaks module is enabled, quantity break discounts can be added for each product one by one, or through a .CSV bulk import.

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