Change Your Price Plan in Bold Discounts


Bold Discounts offers two plans: Basic and Advanced. By default, you are on the basic plan.

The key difference between the two is that the Advanced plan allows you to change your prices in your Shopify admin, which allows the product prices to change across all sales channels. You can also stack discount codes.

You will not lose any of your discount groups already created when upgrading to the Advanced plan within the app. 

To change your price plan, please follow these steps: 

  1. From within your Discounts app, select Account. 

    Select Account

  2. Select Account Plan

    Select Account Plan

  3. Select Choose Advanced.

    Select Choose Advanced

  4. Select Continue.

    Select Continue

  5. Select Approve charges

    Select Approve Charges

  6. Select Go to Bold Discounts.

    Select Go to Bold Discounts

Next Steps:

After enabling the advanced plan within Discounts, you will also need to Enable Admin Price Sync to allow the prices of your products to change in your Shopify admin. 

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