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This feature requires the Advanced version of Bold Discounts. Visit Change Your Price Plan in Bold Discounts for more information on how to enable the Advanced plan module.

Bold Discounts allows you to set discounts across specific products, or your entire store. In order for the products in your Shopify admin to be discounted properly, you'll need to manually enable the Admin Price Sync.

To enable the Admin Price Sync setting in Discounts, please follow these steps: 

  1. From within your Discounts app, select Settings

    Select Settings

  2. Select Admin Price Sync.

    Select Admin Price Sync

  3. Select On.

    Select On

  4. Select Yes, turn on.

    Select Yes Turn On

Next Steps:

After enabling the Admin Price Sync setting, all of the discount groups that are active will begin applying the discounts. This can take approximately 1 hour per 1000 variants to update.

Note: Discount groups activated within the app will still apply onto the storefront using a connection API while the Admin Price is syncing.

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