Bold Upsell: Information & Overview

General Information

Bold Upsell allows you to offer additional items to your customers, or encourage them to upgrade their purchase, in order to increase your average order value (AOV).

There are 3 ways that you can present these offers to your customers:

  • When they add a product to their cart
  • When they head to the checkout
  • After they've completed their purchase

Bold Upsell offers the ability to create both upsell and cross-sell offers.

 are offers that will replace an item in a customer's cart.


A customer has added a 1-pound bag of coffee to their cart, triggering an upsell offer. The offer is to purchase a 2-pound bag of coffee instead, for only $3 more. If they accept this offer, the 2-pound bag of coffee will replace the 1-pound bag.

 are offers that get added alongside products in a customer's cart. These items are often complementary to an item that a customer has just added.


A customer has added a bag of coffee to their cart, triggering a cross-sell offer. The offer is to purchase a pack of coffee filters.



Availability & Installation

Bold Upsell is currently available on Shopify and BigCommerce.

The app is designed to function right out of the box, however will need a piece of code added if your theme has certain AJAX functionalities. Learn more about this in our getting started guide.




By default, Bold Upsell will be on the Starter plan upon installation.

Before you start paying for the app, you'll have the option to pick the plan you want. Upsell offers a free trial period with unlimited offers, regardless of the plan selected. Each plan comes with limited amount of views for the cross-sell or upsell offers you have activate.

When a customer is presented with a cross-sell or upsell offer on your storefront, this counts as a view, regardless of whether the customer accepts or declines the offer.

When you reach your plan's maximum views, an email is sent informing you that the view limit has been reached along with an offer to upgrade your plan. Upsell views are reset to zero on the first day of every month.

You also have the option to upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time. Shopify will automatically pro-rate the billing.

Monthly Price View Limit
Starter - $9.99 200
Plus - $19.99 1000
Premium - $39.99 2000
Pro - $59.99 5000
Enterprise - $89.99 Unlimited
Funnels Monthly Price (optional add-on)



Once your view limit has been reached for the month, your offers will no longer appear to customers until the next month.

All pricing tiers include the following features:

  • Unlimited offers 
  • Reports
  • Design & language customization




Unlimited Offers

Create as many offers as you'd like; there's no limit to this. However, we do suggest only creating one offer per product.


Upsell offers a series of reports and charts to show you how well your offers are performing.

You're able to see how many times the offers have been viewed, which products are being added to your customers' carts, and which offer products are being purchased.

This is a great way to strategically adjust your offers based on which are performing well.

Read more about Upsell's reporting.

Design & language customization

Fully customize your offer pop-ups by changing the button language, and adjusting the style of your modal by adding HTML and CSS.

Check out our Bold Upsell CSS Styling Guide.

Upsell funnels

Funnels allow you to present additional items to your customers, depending on whether they accept or decline the previous offer. It allows you to offer multiple cross-sells that may be relevant to their order.


A customer has added a 1-pound bag of coffee to their cart, triggering a cross-sell offer. The offer is asking if they need coffee filters to go along with their coffee, which they accept. The next funnel offer asks if they also need a travel mug, which they decline.




Bold Upsell has an official integration with Yotpo in order to show the product ratings for offer products in your pop-up modal.

Please visit Bold Upsell: Bold App Integrations for more information on each integration available with Bold's other apps.

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