Bold Upsell Reporting FAQs


This guide answers several common questions regarding Bold Upsell's Reporting feature.

Here's the questions that are covered in this article:

  • Can I export report data from Upsell
  • Can I see which orders that upsell or cross-sell offer products were added to in a report? 
  • Can I view reporting data for a particular upsell or cross-sell offer?
  • Can I view reports with a custom start and end date? 
  • Why are months missing in the Upsell Monthly report? 

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No, there currently is not an export feature in Upsell at this time.

No, there currently is not a report available to see which orders had a cross-sell or upsell product added by the customer.

Yes, you can select either a upsell or cross-sell group under Reports to view statistical information for the upsell or cross-sell group.

Learn more on the reporting feature available in Upsell by visiting our dashboard metrics & reporting article.

No, there is currently not a way to view the data under Reports using a custom start and end date. The reporting details will be shown using a monthly view.

While using Upsell, you may find that the monthly report graph is missing months:

Monthly Upsell Graph

This issue can occur if the app is uninstalled and then reinstalled at a later time. Upsell cannot calculate reporting details during the time that the app is not present on the store.

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