Bold Discounts Pricing & Overview

Discounts Powered by Bold Price Rules is a powerful eCommerce app that provides you with the ability to create large-scale sales on your site in seconds without the use of discount codes. These discounts are displayed to all customers that visit your store through the Online Store sales channel.

You can select multiple products, choose the discount amount, and even pick the timeframe for the sale to be active.

You're also able to display a sales clock and sales icons to show your customers which items are on sale, and for how long. 




Bold Discounts requires liquid code to be inserted into your Shopify theme in order for it to display the correct pricing to your customers.


Each theme on your Shopify store is different. This means that if you're planning on using multiple themes or switching things up, the code will have to be installed first. 

For more information on adding liquid code to your store, please visit Bold Discounts Install Instructions.

Bold Discounts can be installed through the following link below:


The installation of Bold Discounts will default to Version 1. In order to switch the version of Discounts Powered by Price Rules Version, please contact our Merchant Success team




Feature Essentials
Price per month $19.99
Create unlimited discounts
Storewide sales in seconds
Scheduled sales
Intelligent stacking logic
Custom sales icons
Live countdown timers
Sync prices across sales channels ✔*

Note: ✔* - Sync prices across sales channels requires the Admin Price Sync feature to be enabled in Bold Discounts. Please follow the steps below for enabling this feature.

Enable Admin Price Sync

Bold Discounts allows you to set discounts across specific products, or your entire store. In order for the products in your Shopify admin to be discounted properly, you'll need to manually enable admin price sync.


If you have installed Bold Discounts on or after October 7th, 2020, this feature will not be available. If you would like to enable this feature, please contact our Merchant Success team.

To enable the admin price sync setting in Discounts, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure all discount groups are turned off and completed their sync.
  2. From within your Discounts app, select Settings.
  3. Select Admin Price Sync.
  4. Select On.
  5. Select Yes, turn on.

After enabling the admin price sync setting, all of the discount groups that are active will begin applying the discounts. This can take approximately 1 hour per 1000 variants to update.

Please visit Bold Discounts Admin Price Sync Functionality FAQs for answers on some common questions we receive for the admin price sync feature.


Discount groups activated within the app will still apply onto the storefront using a connection API while the Admin Price is syncing.




Create unlimited discounts

Bold Discounts allows you to create as many discount groups as needed, allowing you to place each product into a separate discount group and offer unique discounts across all of your products. These discounts are then displayed to all customers that visit your store through the Online Store sales channel.


If you would like to apply discounts to specific customers rather than to all customers, this can be achieved by using Bold Custom Pricing.

Storewide sales in seconds

Discounts groups that are activated in Bold Discounts will be live on the storefront in seconds, thanks to a connection API that Discounts uses to apply the discounts to the storefront. 

Scheduled sales

While creating a discount in Bold Discounts, you can set a start and end date for when you would like the discounts to apply and stop on the storefront.

Using a start and end date will automatically turn on the discount and turn off the discount, without the need of any manual intervention.

Intelligent stacking logic

Intelligent stacking logic allows the best discount to apply to a product if a product is tied into multiple discount groups in Bold Discounts.

  • Product A is $20
  • Product A is in both Discount A and Discount B
  • Discount A offers a 50% discount
  • Discount B is a $5-off sale
  • Product A would have Discount A's rules applied, as your customers would receive this item for $10 instead of $15 

Custom sales icons

Bold Discounts provides you with the ability to display icons on your products that are in an active discount in the app. 

Bold Discounts comes with three default sales icons that you can choose from: 

If you have your own sales icon that you would like to use rather than one of the three default options above, you can upload your own sales icon in Bold Discounts. 

Live countdown timers

Bold Discounts offers a customizable sales clock to display on your storefront. You can use this clock to express a sense of urgency to your customers in making a purchase. 

The text in the countdown timer, as well as the remaining time in days, hours, minutes and seconds can all be adjusted in Bold Discounts to fit your store needs. 

Sync prices across sales channels

With Bold Discounts, discounts set for products in the app can change the price field set on the storefront for your products. This feature requires the Admin Price Sync feature to be enabled.

Changing the price field to include the discounts will reflect the discounts on all sales channels that uses the price field set in Shopify to display product prices, such as Shopify POS, Facebook, etc.




Bold Discounts integrates with some of our other apps. These integrations either allow customers to receive the best discount if both of the apps use the connection API, otherwise, both apps may simply exist on the same store without any interference between each other. 

Please visit Bold Discounts' Bold Integrations for more information on the available integrations. 

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