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Bold Discounts Sales Icons & Clock FAQs

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This guide answers several frequently asked questions in regards to the Sales Icons and the Sales Clock feature with Bold Discounts. Select a question below to view the answer.



  1. Yes, the sales clock and sales icon can be adjusted by targeting the classes of the sales clock and icon and adding in your styling using CSS coding.

    Please visit CSS Styling (Coding Styling Options) for more information on adding styling changes to the sales clock.

  2. Yes, the sales clock can be changed to a different location on the product page, collection page or the home page by moving the include for the sales clock in your theme's liquid code.

    Please visit Bold Discounts Code Install Instructions for further steps on changing the placement of the sales clock on the storefront.

  3. Yes, the beginning text and the time settings can be configured in the app under Settings > Sales Clock > Configure. After making your changes, be sure to select Save at the top or the bottom of the page.

  4. Yes, if you have the liquid code for Bold Discounts installed on an unpublished theme, you can enable a discount group within the app and view the sales icon and clock on a product while previewing the theme.

    Please visit Bold Discounts Code Install Instructions for steps on installing the liquid code for Bold Discounts on your store.

  5. No, only one sales icon can be used for any product that is in an active discount group.

  6. Yes, you can use your own sales icon by adding the URL source of your sales icon in Bold Discounts under Settings > Link custom icon.