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Upsell: Bold App Integrations

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Bold Upsell integrates with some of the other Bold products that are available on Shopify. While some of these integrations offer increased functionality and require a specific setup, there are a few integrations that only work with Upsell when used in a particular way.

For a list of all apps that work with Upsell, please see the sections below.



Upsell & Bold Discounts

Upsell integrates with Discounts to give you the ability to create Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offers on your site.

Discounts' Duplicate & Hide feature creates duplicate, discounted versions of your store's products that are hidden from the storefront. These hidden products can be offered through Upsell when certain conditions are met. This ensures that the items cannot be purchased on their own, and that the customer must qualify for the discounted item(s) first.

Upsell allows you to set conditions for when this product is offered. You can have the hidden discounted item(s) display when a specific product is added to the cart, when the customer is checking out with certain items, or when the customer's cart is within a defined price range.

For more information on creating a BOGO offer using Upsell and Discounts, please visit Upsell & Bold Discounts Integration.



Upsell & Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout

Upsell integrates with Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout to help you create unique offers that help to both increase your average order value and lifetime customer value. With both apps together, you can create the following types of offers:

  • Upsell a subscription to a customer looking to purchase one time.
  • Show product offers to your existing subscribers in the customer portal.
  • Email product offers to existing subscribers.
  • Offer one-time purchases to customers who are purchasing a subscription.

For more information about the different kinds of offers you can set up with this integration, please visit Bold Upsell & Bold Subscriptions Integration.



Upsell & Bold Bundles

Upsell can work alongside Bold Bundles on the same store, however, both apps do not have an official integration with each other and may have some conflicts.

When a bundle widget exists on a product page, the customer will need to select the Add to Cart button in the bundle widget on the product page in order for all of the products in the bundle to add into the cart:

Add Bundle to Cart Button

The bundle's Add to Cart button does not trigger the Upsell pop-up modal, only the Add to Cart button on the product page outside of the bundle widget can trigger the Upsell pop-up modal:

Add to Cart Button

Combo products can be included as offer products in both upsell and cross-sell offers only for Add to Cart offers. When a combo product is accepted either in a cross-sell or upsell group, the products that make up the combo product in Bundles are added along with the trigger product, or replace the trigger product.

Note: If Bundles and Upsell are both used on the same store for the same products, it would be best to only use Product Page Pop-up offers on products that are also tied to bundle groups. If a combo product is used as an offer product in a Cart Page Pop-up offer, the combo product does not replace the products that make up the combo product. This can cause inventory issues on your store.



Upsell & Bold Cashier

Note: At this time, Bold Cashier is unavailable for installation via Shopify. This is due to the re-evaluations and restrictions created on payments being processed by third-party checkouts on their platform. If your store has installed our Bold Cashier app prior to January 20th, 2020, you will be able to continue using this integration.

When Upsell is integrated with Bold Cashier, you are able to present after-checkout Upsell offers to your customers.

This gives you the flexibility to offer a product to your customers in the checkout area, after their order information has been provided. The customer can then accept the item without having to re-enter their payment information.

The timer also allows you to set a sense of urgency on the offer. You can set the timer between one and five minutes.

Upsell After Checkout Example

For steps on integrating Upsell and Cashier, please follow these steps:

  1. From the homepage of Cashier, select Marketplace.

  2. Select Enable beside "Product Upsell".

After the two apps have been enabled, you can start creating after checkout offers in Upsell.



Upsell & Bold Custom Pricing

Upsell is integrated with Bold Custom Pricing to allow upsell or cross-sells to contain wholesale discounts in the upsell pop-up modal.

For more information on how each discount method in Custom Pricing integrates with Upsell, please see the following below:


Variant Dependant Method (Version 1)

If a hidden variant created in Custom Pricing is used as an upsell offer, the hidden variant does not show for a regular customer. However, if a regular version of a variant is selected to be upsold that has a customer pricing version as well, the custom pricing version does not show if someone eligible for it triggers the upsell.

In order for a customer pricing variant to show, it should be selected as the upsell item instead of the entire product (or regular variant). If you don't want a regular customer to have access to that variant, set the trigger product as a custom pricing variant that only a tagged customer would have access to.


Draft Orders Method (Version 2)

Products that are being discounted in Custom Pricing in this discount method always show the full price in the Bold Upsell modal for eligible customers and regular customers.

If an eligible customer adds a product that is being discounted in Custom Pricing to the cart or into the checkout from the Upsell modal, the product has the appropriate discounts on the cart page and the checkout page.


Accelerated Method (Version 3)

Discounts created in Custom Pricing reflect in the pop-up Upsell modal if an eligible customer is logged in prior to either adding a trigger product to the cart on the product page or selecting the checkout button on the cart page if a trigger product is added into the cart.



Upsell & Discounts Powered by Bold Price Rules

Discount groups that are created in Bold Discounts are reflected on all pages of your store.

If a product is added into a live upsell or cross-sell offer created in Upsell and also is added into a live discount group in Bold Discounts, the offer product shows the discounted price as well in the upsell pop-up modal.

Note: Bold Discounts cannot be set to only apply the discount in the Upsell pop-up modal. Once a discount group is enabled in Bold Discounts, the offer product's price also is discounted and eligible for all customers to receive on the product page, home page, search pages, etc.



Upsell & Bold Multi-Currency

Bold Multi-Currency integrates with Upsell by changing the offer product(s) price in the upsell pop-up modal to the currency that is either geolocated automatically or selected by the customer before the upsell pop-up modal is triggered by the customer.

There isn't a setting that needs to be enabled to allow the prices in the upsell modal to convert to different currencies. The currency changes in the upsell pop-up modal once both apps have been installed to the theme.



Upsell & Bold Subscriptions V1

Upsell and Bold Subscriptions V1 are compatible as long as your Subscriptions style is set to Multiple Products or Recurring Cart. This allows you to trigger upsell or cross-sell offers when someone adds a subscription to their cart, or goes to checkout from the site.

Upsell is not able to offer subscription items as upsell/cross-sell products. The subscription information does not get passed to the cart correctly when they are used as the offered item.

Upsell doesn't work with Single Product style because the customer never actually enters the cart page, which is where the upsell or cross-sell is offered. With Single Product style, the customer is taken directly to the subscription checkout.