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Bold Subscriptions V1 allows you to choose exactly how your customers subscribe to your products. This could include offering the same product on a weekly or monthly basis, a monthly box full of individual products, or even having them be convertible and change within the second order.

With this article, we are going to go over each different method for your customers to subscribe, and how they each would benefit your store and customers.


Please note that this article only relates to Version 1 of Bold Subscriptions. Please visit Bold Subscriptions V1 & V2 Comparison for more information on determining which version of Bold Subscriptions you are currently on.

Please visit our Demo Store for all Subscription Methods available within our app.



Setting up Standard Subscriptions allows you to add products to a subscription group that customers can simply subscribe to those select products. This subscription type is great to allow your customers to purchase any of your products on a recurring basis. This option is useful if you have a large inventory on your store, or need to create multiple subscription groups.

Adding multiple products to one subscription group is useful if you are allowing the Swapping of products. This will allow your customers to change their subscription to any other product within the same subscription group.

Standard Subscriptions are great for stores that have a large inventory. This allows you to organize your products and create multiple subscription groups for each collection of your products.

Once a Standard Subscription has been created and has been activated in Bold Subscriptions V1, a subscription widget will appear on the product page and will look like the following example below:

Standard Subscription Example

If you'd like to change how this widget appears, please visit the Settings > Language Tab within Bold Subscriptions V1.

Please see our live Standard Subscription Demo.

This feature uses an entirely new style of Subscription widget on your Shopify product pages. Convertible Subscriptions allows for an automatic product switch between a customer's first and following subscription orders. Your customers will have the option to subscribe to a single product within your Shopify store, and then automatically receive a different product on future shipments going forward.

With the ability to switch products after the first Subscription, you are able to create unique subscription campaign for your customers. This feature also integrates well with the Discount Codes in Bold Subscriptions V1 to allow you to offer different savings to your customers for the initial and upcoming orders.

Convertible Subscriptions are best used to up-sell products on your store. For example, offering a trial-size product for the initial order, and the full-size subscription for any upcoming orders. This way you offer an introductory subscription box that automatically transitions to the regular product. If your subscription model requires an initial fee, you can also achieve this by using the two different products within the Convertible subscription.

Another great example of how Convertible Subscriptions can work well on your store is with refillable products. If your store sells a product like a oil diffuser, the initial purchase can be the machine itself - and the recurring orders can be essential oils to refill the machine with on a weekly/monthly basis.

When a convertible subscription is created and activated in Bold Subscriptions V1, a subscription widget will appear on the product page and will look like the following example below:

Convertible Subscription Example

The language and styling can all be changed within Bold Subscriptions in the Settings section.

Please see our Convertible Subscription Demo.

Bold Subscriptions V1 allows you to offer your customers the ability to pay for multiple orders at once. This will allow them to pay for their order once, but have orders fulfill on a weekly/monthly basis for their store going forward.

There are lots of reasons why customers may want to prepay for their subscription. Often, prepaid subscriptions are offered at tiered discounts, giving the subscriber an incentive to prepay for a longer period. These customers will also not have to worry about payment disruptions that could potentially delay their order from getting to them.

When a Prepaid or Gift Subscription is selected and activated in Bold Subscriptions V1, a subscription widget will appear on the product page and will look like the following example below: 

Prepaid and Gift Subscription Setup

Each frequency that is created in the subscription group in Bold Subscriptions V1 will appear as a dropdown option that customers will be able to choose from that best suits their needs. 

Note: Prepaid and Gift Subscriptions are only available on the Standard Subscription type at this time.

Please see our Prepaid and Gift Subscription Demo.

With our Advanced plan of Bold Subscriptions V1, your store will be able to offer the Build a Box Subscriptions feature on your store. This allows your customers to pick and choose which products out of your subscription that they would like to receive within each order.

This feature allows you to set how many products make up the subscription box, and set the price for each Subscription. With this feature, you can offer custom meal plans, a dynamic subscription box, or a unique bundle of items. You can even offer multiple subscription box sizes.

Build a Box is currently only available for stores that are operating with the Single or Multiple products card mode, and will display the Subscription widget directly on your product page.

When a Build a Box subscription type is created and activated in Bold Subscriptions V1, a subscription widget will appear similarly to how a Standard Subscription appears on the product page. Here is an example of a Build a Box subscription widget on a product page: 

Build a Box Subscription Widget Example

After a customer chooses a variant and an order frequency on the Build a Box product and selects the Select Choices option, the customer will be brought to a page to select the products that make-up the Build a Box subscription. Here is an example of how the selection page will look like: 

Build a Box Selection Page Example

Please see our Build A Box Demo.

Bold Subscriptions V1 gives you the flexibility to set-up a subscription box that will automatically rotate your stores products in and out of your customers subscription.

This feature is only available within the Advanced plan tier and also requires the use of a grandfathered plan of Bold Cashier. For more information on upgrading your plan, please visit our Pricing and Transaction Fees FAQ.

The app uses a collection of your stores products to build your customers order, then sends it to them at the pre-determined intervals. This feature is a great way to offer mystery box-style subscriptions.

Once a Product Shuffle has been created for a set variant, a Standard Subscription widget is used on the product page. 

Please see our Product Shuffle Demo.

Standard and Convertible Subscription groups allow you to choose a collection of products within the product selector, allowing you to easily choose a bulk selection of products that can be purchased as a subscription.

All subscription types allow you to choose a set order frequency for all orders to charge on (Ex: Every 2 weeks). Setting a fixed order frequency ensures that all customers that subscribe to a product in the subscription group will receive the product in that set frequency. 

To add on top of the order frequency, if a weekly or monthly frequency is selected, you will have the option to either have all subscriptions renew based on the initial purchase date, set day in a week or set day of a month. Having all orders renew on a set day of a week or month allows for an easy fulfillment flow, rather than having orders generate at random in your Shopify admin. 

All subscription types also have a feature referred to as Buffer Days to help ensure the initial order and the recurring order are not generated near the same time. For example, if you want to charge all customers on the 15th of every month, you may not want customers who sign-up to a product on the 14th of the month to be charged again for another order the next day. Setting a Buffer Day helps prevent the first recurring order from generating close to the initial purchase date. 

Standard and Convertible Subscriptions allow you to offer a discount that is automatically applied to a customer's subscription order if the customer purchases the product as a subscription. Applying a discount to a subscription order helps to incentivize the subscription purchase option over the one-time purchase option. The discount can be set to apply to all recurring orders, or apply a discount to the first order, then switch to a different rate after a set amount of orders have been generated.




No. Currently, there isn't a setting in Bold Subscriptions that allows stores to charge a one-time fee for only the first order. Subscriptions is unable to charge a higher price rate for a product, but only offer discounts dynamically or by using a code.

If you'd like the first order to include the cost of a processing fee, we recommend changing the price of the product(s) within the Shopify admin. Once this is completed, add a dynamic discount to the subscription group to adjust the recurring order pricing back to the original amount.


Let's say you are offering a security system and would like to add a charge for an installation fee. The monthly security system costs $90.00, and the installation fee is $10.00.

You would set the product price in the Shopify admin to $100.00, then offer a 10% dynamic discount in the subscription group in Bold Subscriptions to change the product price to $90.00 after the first initial order.

For help creating this offer on your store, please contact our Merchant Success Team.

A free subscription can be offered to a customer by providing the customer with a discount code that discounts the entire order by 100%.

Discount codes can be created in the Bold Subscriptions V1 admin under Subscriptions > Discount Codes. Please visit Discount Codes Set-up & Types for steps on creating a discount code in Bold Subscriptions.


Once the discount code has been applied to the intended customer(s), you can disable the discount code in Bold Subscriptions and choose to grandfather the discount code for those existing subscriptions. This prevents all other customers from using the discount code on new or existing subscription orders on your store.

No. Dynamic "Buy Now" buttons on your product pages will skip the necessary "add to cart" functionality that Bold Subscriptions V1 requires when your customers add products to the checkout. This may cause orders being processed without created as a subscription on your store.


To remove this button from your store, please follow the steps on the Dynamic Checkout Buttons on Shopify article.



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